Hello! Welcome to my profile!   Montreal, Quebec, Canada
:spacepony:Mood: Lonely.
:peeperfish:Personality: INFJ
:munchies:Discord: Fraziro#7204

Rules I Follow
1. Be loyal as a lover or a friend no matter what they say you could do.
2. Always be good never hate no matter how bad it is, disliking is also not allowed, unless they are truly evil.
3. Never show off or be above others your always under them to help them up.
4. Always help others if they are sad, depressed, upset or not feeling good.
5. Accept everyone and everything for what they are no matter what it is.
6. If someone becomes truly evil ignore all rules besides rule 6.
7. Promises are forever no matter what until broken by others or if its a life threat or if your miss treated.
8. If two negatives create a positive then the rule it broke is not broken.
9. Secrets are always secrets and are not aloud to share them with others.
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Loco Oct 16 @ 9:11pm 
Happy birthday:PlatonicLove:
Stormy Breeze Oct 8 @ 8:38pm 
Love you
Fraziro Oct 3 @ 1:45am 
honestly i feel happy even of i'm alone just like helping others. kinda detached my self from relationships it helped me see what i couldent see so now i wait as i help others.
Fraziro Oct 3 @ 1:44am 
big poem
Jake Connswell (E.L.O.T.) Aug 24 @ 8:57am 
*happy dragon noises*
Jake Connswell (E.L.O.T.) Aug 24 @ 8:56am 
I know you feel broken my friend
And I wish I could make your pain end
I wish I could take it away
So you could be happy again every day

But here you are broken at my feet
And I wish you didn't feel so incomplete
I wish for nothing more then for you to smile
And I wish that smile could last for miles

But in your eyes, there is nothing but pain
I wish my help to you wasn't all in vain
I wish I could so much more
I wish it down to my very core

Seeing you so broken has made me see
That your demons have bound you and not set you free
I wish I could brake those chains
And maybe it would take away your pain

But I can't and that hurts me
And all I have is one simple plea
That plea I have is very strong
I want you to feel like you belong.