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-Leave a comment before adding me.

-I don't trade skins and I don't give skins for free.

-You are always welcome to contact with me in Telegram ->

-You are always welcome to contact with me in Discord -> Franc1sco#7876


ENGLISH (Mas abajo la traducción en español)

Personal info

Age: 28 years old (27/05/1992).

Ocuppation: App Developer.

Skills: Java, C++, SourceMod scripting, Eventscripts scripting, configure servers, configure dedicated machine, Webmaster (HTML, CSS, JavaScript), also I know how to create maps and skins.

Extra info: I like soccer, I live with my girlfriend, I have a computer technician title and I have programming experience of 8 years.

Social media:
Instagram []
Discord: Franc1sco#7876
PlayStation4: Franc1sco13


Scripter and configurator of Counter Strike Source and Counter Strike Global Offensive.

My public plugins:



Also I am a veteran with servers and I help people with their servers. I can make private plugins for money.

My communities:

-Clan (currently the best CS:S and CS:GO community in spain)

Other countries
-I search a community

btw, I'm open to participate in other communities.



Información personal:

Edad: 28 años de edad (27/05/1992).

Ocupación: Programador de Apps.

Habilidades: Eventscripts scripting, SourceMod scripting, configurar servidores, configurar maquinas dedicadas, Webmaster (HTML, CSS, JavaScript), Se como crear mapas y skins

Información adicional: Me gusta el fútbol, vivo con mi novia, tengo un título de técnico informático y tengo 8 años de experiencia en programación.


Scripter y Configurador con mucha experiencia de Counter Strike Source y Counter Strike Global Offensive con conocimientos de EventScripts y actualmente especializado en SourceMod y siendo el mejor configurador de CS:S & CS:GO español.

Mis plugins públicos:



También tengo mucha experiencia en configurar servers y ayudo a la gente con sus servers. Hago plugins y configuro servers por encargo, muchos clanes han usado configuraciones y plugins mios, si estas interesado agrégame y hablamos.

Mis comunidades:

-Clan (actualmente la comunidad con mas gente en CS:S y CS:GO)

De otros paises
-Busco una

Por cierto, estoy abierto a ayudar a cualquier comunidad española.

Redes sociales:
Instagram []
Discord: Franc1sco#7876
PlayStation4: Franc1sco13
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Zé Nite Mar 1 @ 4:05am 
Hello I would like to contact you I have a question to make about srcmd plugins
Aesi ツ Feb 26 @ 10:28am 
Hey man i have a question :)

Zydel Feb 23 @ 6:00am 
Hey there, I'm in love with the stuff you are doing on cs:go so far, this is my first time opening a proper server in cs:go and I wanted to build a zombie escape server. I mostly used the plugins that you created thankfully but I'm not happy about most stuff like knockback, texts appear on maps like doors will open in xx seconds, etc. I'll be really glad if you can help me out.
ORYGEN - Feb 20 @ 9:58am 
Olmlette Feb 19 @ 5:02am 
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Leo Feb 19 @ 3:29am 
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