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Posted: Nov 21, 2021 @ 3:11am

I've played every PC Battlefield game since the original BF1942 and I can confidently say that this is the absolute worst entry into the series to date. The issues are endless.

My largest issue is that there is something terribly wrong with the mouse input and control. I worked for an hour trying to figure out a way to make it feel anything like battlefield V, 1 or 4 to no avail. I'm convinced they did something behind the scenes to assist cross-platform players and their somewhat inferior aiming abilities on controller by crippling mouse input. Note Shroud's comments on this... it's not just me. On top of an input issue, there is a new bloom feature where guns don't shoot where you are aiming... so what is the point of even trying? I guess I'll just crash planes into everyone so they can have more trendy tiktok videos?

Secondly, the game is so buggy it is embarrassing. Running animations for soldiers 100 yards away frequently get stuck and just look like a guy sliding around like a plastic toy soldier. Ruins the cutting edge gaming experience it is supposed to be and makes me feel like an ABSOLUTE IDIOT for spending $90 on the upgraded version of this unfinished garbage.

Thirdly, I've got a top notch system with an i7 overclocked on all cores to 5.1ghz, 32gb ram, top notch nvme ssd and an Evga ftw3 3090 and this game still runs like stuttery crap with the settings set modestly.

Fourth issue that comes to mind is the strange wide open distances in maps. Ok sure, 128 players and big maps... great. But what is the point if the maps are all just huge open spaces dotted with minimally designed or decorated buildings and features? Cover is seriously lacking. Works out great when the choppers and overpowered hovercrafts come around.

There is also something going on with the FOV or in game distance scalling. An enemy soldier at 100 in-game yards appears to be more like 300 yards away. There is something off and I cannot explain it but it makes me wonder how we got here from the previous games.

Oh wow! A tornado!? Get over it... after the first encounter it looses its flair and becomes a nuisance.

I think they knew this game was trash. They knew we were going to hate it so they went ahead and built some of their previous good games right into it with portal mode. So when you are absolutely sick of playing 2042 conquest after 30 minutes, you don't even have to leave the game to go play Bad company 2 or Battlefield 3.... oh but wait... playing these in the 2042 engine makes you just want to go back and play the original because this feels like complete trash...

I guess this is the best they can do for us when they aren't stuffing a game with tons of pay to win junk.
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