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Makes traditional Tetris seem as boring as Tic-Tac-Toe. The fluid transition between speed, visuals and accompanying music is something that was never done correctly in a block game until Lumines. Owned this on the PS3 and was super-happy to be able to play it now via Steam (on-sale for a paltry $7.49, which is an absolute steal.) Goes from meditation to an eye opening adrenaline rush. Organization is key and failure to do so will make sure you learn your lesson rather quickly. Pun intended.
Posted April 11. Last edited April 11.
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I've been playing this game pre-Steam, but only for a few months. It's a fun first-person shooter with a surprisingly decent set of stories placed within quests and campaigns.

The only thing that it suffers from is the typical "grindy" feel when you've pretty much seen everything, and fought a thousand and fifty, one-eyed, giant bosses within a set of rounds featuring a basic run of enemies in between.

The models and overall design and aesthetics of the game are astoundingly good, something you simply don't get from a team that doesn't care about the end product. There was a lot of work put into this game and its expansions, and there are small touches - here and there - that reveal how much attention there was within the details of a random rock wall.

A month or so from now; I can see myself leaving for a bit, until Shadowkeep hits the $25 range w/ Forsaken included.
Posted October 15, 2019. Last edited October 15, 2019.
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A masterpiece of side-scrolling torture.

You may not play it constantly, you may not beat a single level for weeks, you may not feel that it's fun to play.

Then again, you may think your mobile apps are actual video games.

Like a shot of bourbon whiskey, flavored with a dash of lighter fluid for taste - Cuphead introduces the old to the n00b, with grace and a slap to the face that screams, "Wake the **** up!".
Posted September 30, 2017.
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It's basically Deathmatch x1000. If you've played that before, then it's really nothing new and fairly uninspiring.

The game lacks a certain personality I was hoping for from all the good reviews, but being an FPS fan for over 20 years (since the days of the original Doom) - it's not all it's cracked up to be. Don't look for the strategy that you would find in other games of this type - the maps are small and setup for a cluster♥♥♥♥ of ammo and various power-ups.

The lack of control lends to a lack of true strategy, so if you're looking for a Team Fortress 2 (or even an Overwatch), then you're going to be horribly disappointed. If you like to run and gun, pretending you intended to hit the stuff you actually did, then this is pretty much that game.

You won't ever find a productive "team", either. You either go in with a gang of friends, which is unlikely since I don't see many folks gravitating towards this game unless/until it becomes F2P... or you deal with trying to pair up with other players and everyone being just as dumbfounded as to the non-existent gameplan they should stick to.
Posted August 17, 2017. Last edited August 17, 2017.
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Early Access Review
People say that this is an Overwatch rip-off - however, I disagree, since Overwatch is a rip-off of the Team Fortress franchise.

I really tried to enjoy myself. It proved to be boring, running forward and pressing buttons until boredom sets in. Teammates, for the most part, go in with zero strategy and the fairly unbalanced gameplay doesn't help at all.

I dislike Overwatch, but this is not any better.

Summary: It's a Team Fortress 2 rip-off. Stick with the original franchise that created the team-based FPS with Team Fortress Classic and refined it with TF2.
Posted June 2, 2017. Last edited June 2, 2017.
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I really like it, until it crashes or freezes on me. 15-20 mins in, just as I get immersed into the gameplay, it presents the Steam loading window and doesn't stop until I exit the game.

Not sure what the issue is, definitely not my system (GeForce 980, Windows 10 Pro, 32 gig RAM, 512 SSD x2, yadda yadda.)

Hopefully there will be a release soon that fixes this, because I'm still on the pistol and can't wait to shred some zombies with a machine gun. I'm giving it a "Yes", since most people aren't experiencing these issues and I'll be playing it through once the ones I'm experiencing are resolved.
Posted January 31, 2017.
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Not a horrible game, but only worth about $5 since there isn't really much to it. For $15, on sale, it wasn't really what I was hoping it would be - which was a fighter. This is more like a generic "smash and bash" action game, without anything that really makes it a worthwhile purchase for anyone who grew up with the series (other than the visual similarities.) Outdated graphics and an incoherent storyline make this something that's good for a ten to twenty minute breather, and not a game that you'll ever grow attached to or remember.
Posted October 7, 2016. Last edited October 7, 2016.
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A game that has changed a lot since Beta. There's what seems to be an endless amount of characters to choose from, but only a few you'll stick to and enjoy playing. It's one of those games that's very hard to get fully involved in, but can be enjoyed on a basic level by playing Co-Op mode along with other players. If you're in it for the competiton aspect, prepare for a deep learning curve and some heavy competition in Normal mode. Depending on what level you decide to take it on at, you can either be casual or advanced at what can be considered an overhead winner in the RTS/RPG world.
Posted June 23, 2014.
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