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Explorered the DoomLand
Unlocked Mar 27, 2018 @ 2:28am

Strong Man

You are the strongest man in this plant
Unlocked Mar 27, 2018 @ 3:21am

Unjust Enrichment

Take those treasure away


Collected your first cloth

First Show

A poor creature was killed by you

First Partner

Get a good partner

Enemies of Rex

Rex is not the most dangerous animal,but you are

King of the Sky

Quetzalcoatius is the one you must needed


Now you have killed the strongest creature in this plant.

Behemoth Hunter

Killed a Behemoth

Sea Slime Hunter

Killed a Large Sea Slime(Ruins)

Mummy King Hunter

Killed a Mummy King(Ruins)

Ice Fairy Hunter

Killed a Ice Fairy(Ruins)

Mediterranean Blueprint

Get a Mediterranean blueprint

Bamboo Blueprint

Get a Bamboo blueprint

MagicAcademy Blueprint

Get a MagicAcademy blueprint

Weastern Blueprint

Get a Weastern blueprint

Executive Blueprint

Get a Executive blueprint

Scuba Equipment

Get a Scuba Equipment

ArmadilloShell Equipment

Get a ArmadilloShell Equipment


Get a MolePick


Get a FlashStick

GrassLand Ruins

Dig the Ruins in Grassland and get a Ruins cube

Desert Ruins

Dig the Ruins in Desert and get a Ruins cube

Frozen Ruins

Dig the Ruins in Frozenland and get a Ruins cube

Swamp Ruins

Dig the Ruins in Swamp and get a Ruins cube

Dungeon Ruins

Dig the Ruins in Swamp underground and get a Ruins cube

Ocean Ruins

Dig the Ruins in Ocean and get a Ruins cube


Tamed a Sauropod


Killed a Cyclops


Tmade a BabyTreant


Get something from the Supply Crate


Open a highest level Chest in Ruins


Explorered the DoomLand


Explorered the DoomLand