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Personal Achievements

Dirty Roller

Reach Player Rank 10.

Trashing Around

Reach Player Rank 25.

Showing Some Dedication

Reach Player Rank 50.

Wheeler Dealer

Collect 10 Vehicles.

Junk Collector

Collect 20 Vehicles.

Regional Juniors Champion

Complete Regional Juniors Championship.

National Amateurs Champion

Complete National Amateurs Championship.

Challengers Champion

Complete Challengers Championship.

Pro Internationals Champion

Complete Pro Internationals Championship.

World Masters Champion

Complete World Masters Championship.


Complete All Career Challenges.

Storm Warning

Win Your First Career Race.

Human Lover

Win 20 Events In Multiplayer.

Hating Them Tin Cans

Wreck 100 Opponents.

Maniac Driver

Wreck 50 Opponents With School Bus.


Reach 210 Km/h (130 Mph) With Rocket.

Cash For Crashes

Earn 50 000 Credits.

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