Paul   United States
Greetings.I make maps for games on the source engine.
I try to be a nice person, I expect for you to do the same.
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There is no room for bias, only justice.
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Expertise Information
Hammer Editor - 4 Years
Known Languages - Python, Java, C#

Maps that I have created

- bhop_tyle
- bhop_tyle2_fix
- bhop_bliss
- bhop_bliss2
- bhop_jurfs_v2
- bhop_faith_fix
- bhop_hiraeth
- trade_portal2_v4
- trade_minecraft_glorified
- pl_hemlock (collab)
- zom_facility

Maps that I have edited / fixed

- zom_sawmill
- zom_sniper
- zom_dead_docks
- zom_mini_tropik
- zom_wild_cbble
- zom_park_of_terror
- zom_castle_siege
- zom_military
- zom_cargo
- zom_fight_club
- zom_planks
- zom_mini_desert
- zom_desert
- vsh_absolute_zero
- ctf_minedesert_b6
- zom_crustynutz

If you are curious about any of my maps, check out my GameBanana profile [].

Any questions about Hammer Editor, Bunnyhop, or Source Games in general that you have, I'll gladly help you with, feel free to add me as a friend, note that I do not add profiles that are private or are lower than level 2 .
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Happo Spookiween!
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plus sign rep better at writing notes than i am
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I am the bhop master.
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