Goteborgs och Bohus Lan, Sweden
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i have a bad yt

TF2 Things I did good

1st place s16 UGC Iron HL
8th place s28 ETF2L Mid 6s
5th place s14 ETF2L High HL
3rd place s15 ETF2L High HL
2nd place Copenhagen Games 2018 HL
1st place s17 ETF2L Div 1 HL
3rd place s32 ETF2L Div 2 6s


Stuff I use:
Razer blackwidow chroma
Razer Abyssus
Steelseries Qck+ / Qck XXL
17.3 cm/360 (3 ingame, 800 dpi)

2015 fucking quotes

"Foz is a great soldier. I never say things that could be lies" -Sideshow

"To be fair, if you're blind you can't really see much" -yaynos

Serena: its not salt if we are the losing team

Foz lft etf2l: hi eon im foz
EoN: hi foz im eon
Foz lft etf2l: hi eon mge?
EoN: hi foz mge?
Foz lft etf2l: hi eon mumble
EoN: no

We should scrim Matt, just Matt -Vespik

Paris is t sided -Vespik

You sound like the generic asian father who is mad at his son for not getting a hundred on his test -franches

I killed time - Icewind

chickenboy69 :33 in my heart tbh
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