cock-flavored soup
Taiga   Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
everyone's favorite high-powered mutant, god's own prototype . purveyor of sexually charged usernames and profile pics. too weird to live, too rare to die.

I am so awesome and I really like cookies.

2017/07/15: Surpassed 2008 hours in TF2
2018/02/13: Surpassed 2505 hours in TF2
2018/03/01: Reached Level 150, Tier 2 in Casual Mode in TF2
2018/03/02: Reached Tier 3
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Gaming Profile
My first game was either 電車でGO! [Densha de Go!] on my uncle's console or Super Mario World on the GBA. I also remember playing small game samples from CD-ROMs bundled with cereal boxes (I was raised in a wonderful time, I know.) Other consoles I played on were the Wii and the DS Lite. My handheld games included Mario Kart DS , Kirby's Nightmare in Dreamland , and Asphalt Urban GT .

I think it was the computers in my elementary school that first introduced me to PC gaming. I recall playing Pocket Tanks [] with a Korean friend - arguably my first shooter game experience. I have fond memories of having built cities for countless hours in Pharaoh , Hungry Red Planet , and SimCity 4 in middle school.

It was when I was about 10 years old that I moved to playing flash games (I LOVED Line Rider and Club Penguin ), then I started playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 , cracked, on AlterIWnet and FourDeltaOne at around 12. It was some time after that when I met Team Fortress 2 , shortly after it went free-to-play. I've stuck with it ever since.

Team Fortress 2 Info
I main Demoman and spend most of my time in pubs.

HUD: ahud by Nokk, KnucklesCrosses "u" hit indicator (transparent <=> yellow)
Config: Chris's dx9frames, ragdolls off, viewmodels off, fov_desired 90

Personal Info
A Japanese person in their early 20's, though I sometimes ask myself whether I deserve to be called one. You see, I was born here but brought up overseas, taking up 12 years of my life. I came back in my first year of high school and now go to university here in Japan.

Because I attended English-speaking schools abroad, I speak English fluently and now it's the language with which I'm most comfortable. This came back to FUCK me in the ass, unfortunately. Since I can't communicate to my peers in Japanese, I've been shunned and mocked by many of my schoolmates, kouhai , and senpai . It has made me fail countless, important application interviews. This, too, is part of why I doubt whether I should be called Japanese and has left me bitter, distrustful, and on the misanthropic side. I sometimes honestly hope that the whole planet would be wiped out in the blink of an eye. I have few, but very close friends, with whom I mostly converse in English.

I've tested INTP and 5w6/6w5 on personality tests. Make of that as you will.

During my free time, I'm almost always in front of my computer. I will be listening to music [] and playing Team Fortress 2, reading, or watching a film or anime [] . I mainly listen to shoegaze [] . Occasionally, I go out to play airsoft. I also cook.
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