I know shit bout Rockets   Fort Dix, New Jersey, United States
Someone reported me for fraud, that got accepted as me being a fraud, so thats why on my steamrep my reputation is "Banned" and says i am not trustworthy in trading, i am NOT a scammer/hijacker/phisher, i got scammed out of my account once. it was a shitty feeling having no steam account anymore. i do NOT have a trade ban, so you can still trade with me, i dont scam, BUT, i do accept private profiles, if they have their inventory friend s only atleast.


INFO to the Web toon

Language: German

Animation Style: Cut Out Paper

Animation Program: Adobe Flash CS4 Professional

Special Effects: Adobe After Effects (Lighting, Explosions, Extra Sounds)

Audio: Audacity (ok what can you expect ._.)

Previous Animation Programs: Macromedia Flash 8, Adobe Flash CS3, Autodesk Maya 2016 (actually i just switched from Maya to Flash CS4)

Why did i switch back to Flash? I just think its simpler, i got now more Knowledge in Flash.


INFO zum Web toon

Sprache: Deutsch

Animations Stil: Ausgeschnittene Stop Motion

Animations Programm: Adobe Flash CS4 Professional

Spezial Effekte: Adobe After Effects CS4 (Lichter, Explosionen, Extra Geräusche)

Audio: Audacity (was erwartet man ab jetzt)

Frühere Animations Programme: Macromedia Flash 8, Adobe Flash CS3, Autodesk Maya 2016 (ich bin eigentlich letztens erst von Maya zu Flash CS4 gewechselt)

Warum bin ich zurück zu Flash gegangen? Ich denke einfach nur es ist simpler, und ich weiß jetzt mehr in Flash.
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Infos to Leo Foxx
Hello, my name is leo. I like to draw, animate, make 3d models. Basically i like to work on stuff. As my description says i am working on a web toon. The pilot is 4 minutes long. ALSO, if you wanna add me leave a message why, after i have accepted your friend request, i do not accept trade requests in the most cases (no pun intended).


Cola, Drawing, Majira Strawberry, Domics, my friends, SpaceX, Rockets, Falcon Heavy/9

Making 3d Models, Space, Rockets, Animation, Disney, Furries, Animal Movement/Anatomy, Human Movement/Anatomy

Friend requirements
Need to be atleast Level 5+, Public Inventory, if you say you`re a "cute little girl" what the fuck? then its obvious you`re a scammer. Like. Really? If you say that, i wont accept it. (cute little girl)

Why did someone report you as a scammer?
My Account once was scammed out of my posession, so i reported it for scamming, it later got sold to another person, till i got it back on 26th of December 2017

Anti-Furries, Cherries, Vix n Dwnq, School, my schoolmate (who i like to call: Adhs boy)


What is the drama about on Ruu`s profile, and your`s?
I got banned on a server 2 years ago, people are still giving me -reps for it, cause they wanna completely ruin my Steam Rep, just to see a 9 year old cry. And i will stop crying. it doesnt make any fucking sense anymore now trying to see me cry.

What is a furry?
K what does google say.

an enthusiast for animal characters with human characteristics, in particular a person who dresses up in costume as such a character or uses one as an avatar online.
"a growing community of furries"

My favourite cuss words
Fuck, Bitch, BEEP BEEP SUCK MY DIICK, Penis, Cherry (hurggh)

Why does Fox have 2 x?
Idk, i dont care about grammar.

Why are you a furry?
THEY`RE SO FLUFFY, ok just kidding. Just look at the definition (the first few words)
an enthusiast for animal characters with human characteristics.

On your youtube channel, do you make animatic storytime?
Well sure! im working on a 8 minute storytime/rant video!

Is this the last question?
Yes. Everyone who has read this till here, your a boss!



"Das internet ist neuland" -Angela Merkel

"The internet is a series of tubes!" -Ted Stevens

"Fucking get it now, Not the entire country of Germany are Nazis" -Every German.

" Completely awful
Oh my gosh this is the worst movie I have ever even heard . All of it was so bloody stupid that I couldn't stop vomiting all over the floor. All the kids in the theater were so mad and ever threw there drinks at the screen!!! In my opinion this is the worst movie ever created!!!!! All jokes in this movie were 100% unfunny and rubbish , none of the characters had any emotion, and it was so boring!!! Both kids and adults with not enjoy!!!" -dillanvan on imdb (Emoji Movie)

"MODDERFUGGIN BOOTLEG FIREWORKS" -a guy near a firework explosion

James Jun 24 @ 10:53am 
you are a mad lad ;))))
FallenAngel May 25 @ 7:12am 
Wie kann man soviel Autismus auf einmal haben?! Armes Deutschland..
komm in den gruppen chat (deh movie team)
come into the group chat fromm deh movie team
gabunne May 20 @ 9:42am 
you are a epic dude
NichtMenschlich May 16 @ 10:16pm 
U Gay, Godeps.