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Crash's Wall of Quotes
Crash Explains my entire profile
Crash #TeamStar #TeamJerma: Avatar created by Crash
Crash #TeamStar #TeamJerma: SRTT foil suggested by Crash
Crash #TeamStar #TeamJerma: Showcase suggested by Crash
Crash #TeamStar #TeamJerma: and, in the future, artwork by Crash

Crash gets fed up with Nano
Crash #TeamStar #TeamJerma: we gonna play something
Crash #TeamStar #TeamJerma: or
Crash #TeamStar #TeamJerma: rant about payday for another hour

Crash tries to play with Americans
Crash: i'm off to a server where my ping is less than 350

Crash admits he's my biggest fan
Crash #TeamStar #TeamJerma: i have no chatlogs except for like, 2
Crash #TeamStar #TeamJerma: and they're all you

Crash admits he's my biggest fan Part 2
Crash #TSTJ: Of course the chat was "FOR NANO"

(anglo-australian anti otaku pro team fortress soceity of america)

Crash pays a lot of money for anime breasts
Crash #TSTJ: Damnit am I really doing this
Crash #TSTJ: Yes I am
Crash #TSTJ: places buy order

Crash is excited for Overwatch
Crash #TSTJ: I can't wait to play 300 ping Overwatch with you guys
Crash #TSTJ is now Away.
Nano #TeamStar #TeamJerma: Man that's gonna suck
Nano #TeamStar #TeamJerma: Play Tracer
Nano #TeamStar #TeamJerma: At least your teleporting will make sense
Crash #TSTJ: Every class will be Tracer to me

Crash talks economics
Crash #TeamStar #TeamJerma: who cares about an australium wrench, look at my pyro
Crash #TeamStar #TeamJerma: he's a pretty girl
Crash #TeamStar #TeamJerma: or something

Crash on Overwatch
Crash #TSTJ: Face says 70, ass says 20
Crash #TSTJ: Also how did you find it
Crash #TSTJ: But sideways
Crash #TSTJ: Wouldn't reverse searching it find the full image
Crash #TSTJ: Not the missing part, sideways?

Crash deals with a f2p
Crash #TeamStar #TeamJerma: Playing Turbine with Retro, find a lone red teleporter in our vents. Do the classic taunt spam over it, some random Pyro even joins in, get like 6 kills between us from it. F2P Spy walks up and saps it. We kick him. I thought it'd make you proud B)

Crash talks about deleting games due to lack of anime babes
Crash #TeamStar #TeamJerma: step 2: remove from library
Crash #TeamStar #TeamJerma: because you can do that now
Nano #TeamStar #TeamJerma: I don't get why anyone would do that
Nano #TeamStar #TeamJerma: like... what's the point....
Crash #TeamStar #TeamJerma: it's for if you, say, accidentally buy a game with no anime babes in it
Crash #TeamStar #TeamJerma: and you don't want your library to have any of this cultured content in it
Crash #TeamStar #TeamJerma: so you just remove it
Crash #TeamStar #TeamJerma: because you missed the refund window by the time you realised the lack of anime babes

Crash is playing a game
Crash #TSTJ: Now I've gotta play as anime dreamboat goku
Crash #TSTJ: the TF2 huntsman

Crash cracks the code
Crash #TSTJ: Nano buys all Neptunia content
Crash #TSTJ: "I'm probably gonna get off like soon"

Retro's Bizarre Adventure
FiReCaT: liar
FiReCaT: im unfreinding you
FiReCaT: fak u
FiReCaT: anything you wanna say before i unfreind you
Not Alexander: Read Jojo's Bizarre Adventure while you're young kid, it'll help in later life.
Not Alexander: Later
FiReCaT: fak u

Alex discusses Australian native wildlife
Not Alexander: it's like clouds
Not Alexander: Idk
Not Alexander: living the dream?
Crash #TSTJ: It's a Yeti
Crash #TSTJ: Dang man can't you spot a Yeti when you see one
Not Alexander: I don't live in Australia, where I'm assuming they're native

Alex and Polly tell it as it is
There is no spoon : Nice try Nano
Pollyanna Quixote : He left.
Not Alexander : he left lol
Not Alexander : nice try

Precip makes the quote wall
Precip #TSTJ: Hey hey
Precip #TSTJ: I'm broed

Crash #TSTJ: He's like da whip without any of the real benefits of da whip
Crash #TSTJ: Please quote that out of context

Crash accepts his place
Crash: Do you think I'm waifu material
Crash: Like, if I keep playing Mercy
Crash: When does the transformation happen
Precip: Oh yes
Not Alexander: your the healslut we've always needed crash
Nano: yes
Nano: Crash is like
Nano: The cheerleader of TSTJ

Crash finds out what a Sonico is
Crash #TSTJ: What even is Sonico
Nano #TeamStar #TeamJerma: Porn?
Crash #TSTJ: Is that multiplayer?
Crash #TSTJ: She's the mascot for a company and a music festival
Crash #TSTJ: I was not expecting that
Nano #TeamStar #TeamJerma: Porn is multiplayer

Precip being Precip
[Precip]: You like, know all the answers. Are you fucking God?

Alex sums up how I play Overwatch
Retro - Today at 2:43 PM
tbh it's more like you
the cute girl is overwatch
your feelings are never anything other than
look around
move someone
eat loudly into a mic
or get mad

And the rest?...
Not Alexander: i was with my friend and we were memeing it up looking through posters
Not Alexander: and the guy behind the counter was like
Not Alexander: "ayy you fucks like anime?"
Not Alexander: and the rest was history
Not Alexander: please never quote that

...The rest
Nano #TeamStar #TeamJerma: She's wearing two bras
Nano #TeamStar #TeamJerma: What in the world
Not Alexander: yeah
Not Alexander: she's 14 too
Not Alexander: and has tanlines
Not Alexander: please never quote that

Alex speaks the truth
Not Alexander: dude in like 3 months overwatch will be a year old
Not Alexander: and in 5 month tf2 would've been dead for a year

Crash and I on an aussie server
FaM. minime : wtf how do the 2 red engies have a gold rench?
Crash #TSTJ : GOT EM

Crash makes a tactical error
(On RED team)
Crash #TSTJ: Let's backcap
Crash #TSTJ: Wait

Crash does the math
Nano #TeamStar #TeamJerma: Crash #TSTJ: I don't even like anime
Nano #TeamStar #TeamJerma: top 10 anime lies
Crash #TSTJ: Anime babes ≠ Anime
Crash #TSTJ: Simple mathematics

Crash #TSTJ: Not sure how I'm gonna fit all these other characters in
Crash #TSTJ: Wish me luck

Alex and I's relationship
Nano #TeamStar #TeamJerma: Good work though
Nano #TeamStar #TeamJerma: The dynamic duo of Retro and Nano strike again
Nano #TeamStar #TeamJerma: I make the content
Nano #TeamStar #TeamJerma: You make me funny

Polly Jazz

Crash contacts customer support
Crash #TSTJ: "Hey man, still waiting on the Box Trot and Sonico background. Thinking they might have got lost in the mail?"

Crash knows anime babes
Coffee Cheetos Crash:
I think it's the nipples pointing up
I'm not exactly an expert in this field

Sad Panda Senpai notices me []

Crash combines them
Crash #TSTJ: You can't save the t shirt glitch

Precip works on Blender
ive made some progress in blender today
Nano is Pamu's #1 Monika & Aqua
Nano is Pamu's #1 Monika & Aqua
Nano is Pamu's #1 Monika & Aqua
.... Tits?
You got it

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Precip #TSTJ Mar 1 @ 8:51pm 
fwd: fwd: fwd: Warning to parents about NieR: Automata

Parents need to know that Nier: Automata is an action role-playing game with significant violence. Combat -- involving swords and guns -- is generally between androids and robots, but both sides appear sentient. Some fights involve very human-like characters, as well as animals that bleed. The primary protagonist, a female android, wears a revealing (and impractical for combat) velvet dress that allows players to see her entire buttocks while climbing ladders and performing acrobatic moves. A male human-like character appears and fights completely in the nude, though he's missing any genitalia. Also, spoken and text dialogue includes infrequent but strong profanity, including "f--k".
Weiss Schnee Jan 25 @ 9:33pm 
Crash #TSTJ Jan 7 @ 2:44am 
Jerma is the most attractive character in DDLC. No one will convince me otherwise

The first thing uncultured, pitiful swines who call themselves "men" tend to notice in a woman, is her size. While Jerma's height is smaller than the cast of other female characters, this trait only adds more to her captivating feminine charm. If you want to be a fool and cast your judgement on merely looks, even still you will notice that Jerma completely obliterates any competition whatsoever. With her elegant body, lovely hazel eyes and well-conditioned chestnut hair you cannot ask for any more from a woman.

As you already know, Jerma is one of the greatest gamers of all time, already proving that she is in possession of incredible reaction times, wisdom, and to top it off, a gamer license. Anyone upset by Jerma's charismatic and boisterous personality should expect to be ridiculed, as my empress has worked very hard and diligently to achieve this pompous state of living by beating Dark Souls 3
Crash #TSTJ Dec 24, 2017 @ 11:10pm 
First off. HOLY FUCKING SHIT. Secondly, I just got the game (part of February's PS+ lineup) and I'm coming up on Sharma Auburn 900 800 500's little part and I'm really excited. I'm glad you went into the voice acting gig. So cheers Sharma Auburn 900 800 500
Crash #TSTJ Dec 19, 2017 @ 3:43am 
You are absolutely despicable for talking about Jeremy that way. I do wonder what someone like you, a coward hiding behind keyboard looks like because I sure as heck know as God made little green apples you sure as heck do not look like that streamer who is absolutely breathtaking. You are a bully, you are a poor excuse for a human being for even picking on a compact man. How dare you.
Crash #TSTJ Dec 14, 2017 @ 3:21am 
I'm a bit torn about this. I think the biggest thing that really made me hesitate about being excited for this was the Jerma currency system. Adding in a system where you pay money to get Jerma Bux just really really rubs me the wrong way in any sort of game.

Mainly cause it brings in that problem where you're like "oh I have 40 jerma bux but I need 50 to buy these curtains? I guess I'll just buy 60 jerma bux to fill it out" instead of having you simply purchase individual curtains or curtain bundles and not be tempted to buy another.

I guess you could say it goes towards a good cause but I dunno, I just don't like it :s