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The first VN I have played in my life, and one of the more enjoyable VNs I have experienced in my life as well (which isn't a lot mind you).

Hatoful Boyfriend is about dating birds, and over time, finding out the events that lead to a human girl attending a pigeon school and forming romantic relationships with them. Hatoful plays with its unique premise, leading the way for pigeon related antics and such. The comedy is great in the VN, the drama fits, and everything works out. The staff even managed to fit in a number of anime or japanese pop culture references into the show as well, which may or may not be your thing (it definitely was enjoyable for me).

The second part of the VN, is where a lot of the history of the setting is explained, and trades all of the comedy and silliness for drama. The drama is decent, the payoff is pretty meh, the story and background is pretty well done and fleshed out. The second part is also incredibly long, like hours long, just a warning.

Overall Hatoful Boyfriend is an enjoyable experience. Each route is quite special in its own way, and they each have a certain charm to them. Having to perfect this game didn't bother me at all, as I had fun playing it all the way through.

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:necroheart: i wish you a wonderful sunday :necroheart:
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:necroheart: Have a great sunday :necroheart:
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