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Onur   Ankara, Turkey
|͇̿C͇̿¤̿ ͇̿| |͇̿C͇̿¤̿ ͇̿| |͇̿C͇̿¤̿ ͇̿| |͇̿C͇̿¤̿ ͇̿| |͇̿C͇̿¤̿ ͇̿| |͇̿C͇̿¤̿ ͇̿| |͇̿C͇̿¤̿ ͇̿| |͇̿C͇̿¤̿ ͇̿| |͇̿C͇̿¤̿ ͇̿| |͇̿C͇̿¤̿ ͇̿| |͇̿C͇̿¤̿ ͇̿| |͇̿C͇̿¤̿ ͇̿|

(̅_̅_̅_̅(̅_̅_̅_̅_̅_̅_̅_̅_̅_̅_̅()ڪے~ ~

Who is Turks?

The reason of Great Wall of China. (Mete)
The government who begged Europe. (Atilla)
The government who defeated 200.000 soldiers while it has only 50.000 soldiers. (Alparslan)
The government who chased 500.000 crosade while it has only 2.000 people. (Kılıçarslan)
The government who stand against China with 40 soldiers. (Kürşad)
The government who drive the ships from the ground and start a new era. (Fatih)
The government who took its government back while everyone says "Finished" (Atatürk)



my dad's old business laptop :/
headset: g230
mouse: g502
mousepad: wooden foldable table

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