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bat Jul 14 @ 10:34am 
KippyTV‎ (Dead): ok kid dony cry when m y bullets awp gonna hit you hard
bat Jun 26 @ 6:26am 
West Virginia
_/¯ ¯\_

Mountain mamma
\ 😩
|| \_
_/¯ ¯\_

take me home
_/¯ ¯\_

Country roads
_/¯ ¯\_
bat Jun 21 @ 10:02am 
apology for poor english

when were you when xxxtancio dies?

i was sat at home smoking of a bong when lil pump ring

‘xtacion is kill’


bat Jun 5 @ 3:40am 
Good evening Twitter, this is your boy EatDatPussy445, and about like 30 to 45 minutes ago, I beat the fuck out of my dick so goddamn hard that I can't even feel my left leg, my left leg has went totally numb. And, my dick has also went totally numb to the point where it feels fucking weird when I go and take a piss.
phoxii Apr 12 @ 11:02am 
Blob : I feel bad for the people that will match with you in the future, phox and bat. I hope I never see you again.
big phox the div 1 spy