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"If I can make someone happy by the end of the day, each day, for the rest of my life, I've done my job." -Some nerd, some time, somewhere.
The last Head Admin of ProbablyAServer. [probablyaserver.com]
You will be missed.

Competitive experience:
Just ask me about it.

Thank you Caboose

This guy is awesome, like seriously the best ^

Theory is a huge nerd, never forget

"Yup, that's going on the fridge":

8:49 PM - final: i don't say anything about it because it's perfeclty normal and nothing to spend 3 minutes talking about it to another person
8:50 PM - final: but i'm glad you did it because that is the way you do things!
8:50 PM - Flinko: I
8:50 PM - final: without people like you i'm not sure potatoes would exist, flinko
8:50 PM - Flinko: I
8:50 PM - Flinko: um
8:50 PM - Flinko: ok
8:50 PM - Flinko: I think

final: hey, i like chaos, sometimes

8:31 PM - Flinko: WHAT HAVE I DONE
8:31 PM - Flinko: HANG ME
8:31 PM - ProbablyACloud: iunno flinko
8:35 PM - Flinko: you don't know much do ya
8:35 PM - ProbablyACloud: idk flinko
8:35 PM - Flinko: it that your new response to me
8:35 PM - ProbablyACloud: idk flinko
8:35 PM - Flinko: will you keep this up
8:36 PM - Flinko: 'idk flinko'
8:36 PM - ProbablyACloud: yes!
8:36 PM - Flinko: i'm so smart
8:36 PM - Flinko: aren't I?
8:39 PM - ProbablyACloud: idk flinko
8:39 PM - Flinko: i hate you

ProbablyACloud: eeek

cloud: Why is life so bagel

I summoned fish once:
[8:43 PM] To The Lounge: HA
[8:43 PM] To The Lounge: MEATSHOT
[8:43 PM] fishyyt connected.

8:57 PM - caboose -ᵉᵃ-: i lay on my spaghetti
8:57 PM - caboose -ᵉᵃ-: and it gets toasted

Blinder: Pigs are like furry sheep.

Blinder: My butt is huge. Ask my guidance counselor.

Sori: That was so brutal you should keybind it. This is not shameless self promotion.

[7:18:29 AM] (Channel) Chestnut: i bope your roomate eats ur snakcs
[7:18:32 AM] (Channel) Chestnut: ♥♥♥♥
[7:18:41 AM] (Channel) Chestnut: boping
[7:19:27 AM] (Channel) Chestnut: wow
[7:19:33 AM] (Channel) Chestnut: i am staight
[7:19:36 AM] (Channel) Chestnut: staight
[7:19:38 AM] (Channel) Chestnut: staight
[7:19:49 AM] (Channel) Chestnut: i hate my life
[7:19:59 AM] (Channel) Chestnut: straigtht
[7:20:01 AM] (Channel) Chestnut: ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
[7:20:09 AM] (Channel) Chestnut: STRAIGHT

Chestnut: memes are based on facts

2:57 PM - Leithal: you got me
2:57 PM - Flinko: AHA
2:57 PM - Flinko: I WIN
2:57 PM - Leithal: ♥♥♥♥

8:44 PM - B☢x of Kittens: No ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ LAUGHTER allowed
8:44 PM - Flinko: hmmm
8:45 PM - Flinko: ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ laughter
8:45 PM - Flinko: is that when you laugh a lot during sex?
8:45 PM - B☢x of Kittens: Yeah cause im thinking of memes

9:26 PM - final: NEVER
9:26 PM - final: SAY
9:26 PM - final: I'M SORRY
9:26 PM - final: a wise nerd once told me that

Never forget best tf2 moment to date, when I nearly died laughing in MvM with Oro, Ducky, PuGs, Calhoun, and Bumbler
"plumped my buttom"

Don't forget that time we all started screaming so ducky wouldn't leave

* There will be hope as long as you're breathing
* There is a happy ending
* Fighting your way, embracing your feelings
* Reach victory by dreaming

♪ When this world is no more, the moon is all we'll see ♪
♪ I'll ask you, to fly away with me ♪
♪ Until the stars all fall, down ♪
♪ They empty from the sky, but I don't mind ♪
♪ If you're with me, then everything's alright ♪

♪ Toot toot! ♪
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