Milo / Collin   United States
(Trans man, he/it )
18 y/o Digital Artist. Plays TF2 occasionally. Your local furry pyro, soldier, and spy main.™️

Profile badge says 7 years but I've been playing TF2 for more like 8 or 9.

Pfp by InfernalTigris

Please don't send me random friend requests. I also won't accept the friend request if I've had bad experiences with you in the past. And i'm sure as hell not gonna friend you so you can get into contact with people on my friends list who are YouTubers.

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★ Welcome to my Steam Profile ★
Oh hello, I'm Milo. I'm a self-taught artist that likes to draw a lot.

I do art commissions too, they are open right now. Message me on Discord for commissions. All of the information about my commissions can be found here. []

I like Team Fortress 2 and currently super fixated on Madness Combat and ULTRAKILL.

Feel free to send me stuff if you want.

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Discord Tag: CometDrg0n_#8185


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you do not have tf2
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