(Medic) Le professeur Flaredra
🐾flaredra🐾   Tarbes, Midi-Pyrenees, France
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Flaredra, your only reason to live.
=============================About me(flaredra):===============================

Twitter: Here
Youtube[FR]: Here

Ⅰ.Who am i:

--> Name: Flaredra / angelofurry / Master :3
--> Woman or man: man♂
--> How old are you? 18
--> What kind of person are you?
I am/ I:
-Very shy [without fursuit]
-Very creative [but i'm bad at drawing]
-Passioned by dog training (agility and other)
-Speak english with french friends (and them think that's weird)
- pansexual... wait, What, WTF, of cours i'm not?
-I always help other (when i can help)
--> are you friendly?
Yes BUT not with bad person, particularly anti-Furry

===================About the furry comunity and Youtube channel=====================

info: My furry side is contagious >:3. :singe:

Ⅱ. Are you a furry... YES

--> How much are you a furry on a scale of one to ten: 100/10, i am a furry trash
--> Furry Trash? YES [puu.sh] and proud of it!
--> You have a youtube channel? Yes, here: French
--> Do you have a fursuit? no, BUT i am actually making one.(Marlone)
--> Do you have fusona(s)? Yes, i have two fursonas:

-Flaredra the blue wolf.
-Marlone the german shephered.
PS: Asks if you want me to do a specific vidéo.
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Mat Aug 29 @ 2:38pm 
It would be nice if you would contact me
BIRI-BIRI Aug 12 @ 10:46am 
Very good Medic
Mat Aug 12 @ 10:35am 
You did well in TF2
Broshy Jul 22 @ 5:20am 
Hello~ de ce que j'ai pu voir sur SCP:SL, tu as l'air plutôt sympa (et tu es l'un des seuls à te prendre au jeu, et c'est vraiment agréable de te regarder jouer), ducoup je me demandais si ce serait éventuellement possible de devenir amis :) Je ne suis pas un furry mais je n'ai absolument rien contre eux, on est tous humain après tout ^^ (voilà gros message du turfu qui servira peut-être à rien)
gros bb russe Jul 10 @ 10:06am 
j'ai appellé la spa ils viennent dans 30 minutes
Weroo May 20 @ 11:35am