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Anime List 央液シ [myanimelist.net]

Highlander こ違ボ
Season 10 Steel (Red)- Right to Kill [Starting Pyro]
Season 11 Silver- Skill May Vary [Starting Pyro]
Season 12 Silver- Gnartown Maximus [Starting Pyro]
Season 13 Gold- 2000-2001 Los Angeles Lakers [Starting Pyro]
Season 14 Gold- Dedoris [Starting Pyro]
Season 15 Gold- Dedoris [Starting Pyro]
Season 16 Gold- Arstotzka [Sub Pyro]
Season 17 Gold- No Breaks [Starting Pyro]
Season 18 Gold- DOES IT [Starting Pyro]
Season 19 Silver- Pyro Lives Matter [Starting Engineer]
Season 22 Platinum- Second Wind [Sub Pyro]
Season 23 Silver- Prime Time Sleepers [Multi Sub] (1st Place)
Season 25 Silver- your waifu isn't real [Starting Heavy] Wks 1-3
Season 25 Silver- Buds n Cats [Multi Sub] Wks 4-5
Flan 2018- Tropical Hot Dog Night [Starting Heavy]
(oh god why)Hydro.tf Season 1- your waifu isn't hydro [Starting Soldier]
Season 26 Platinum- your waifu isn't real [Starting Soldier]

ETF2L EU Highlander Season 7 Div 6- Latency Issues [Starting Sniper]
ETF2L EU Highlander Season 9 Mid- Latency Issues [Backup whatever] (1st Place)

4V4 LUL ツヹバ
AndyVitch Cup NA 4V4 Senior- Pumpkin Patch All-Stars [Backup Soldier/Pyro/Sniper]
UGC NA 4V4 Season 2 Gold- Chigga is pretty good [All-Class Backup]
UGC NA 4V4 Season 4 Gold- DOORS FOORS [All-Class Backup]
UGC NA 4V4 Season 12 Gold- Seal Noises! [Medic for a couple games idk this format sux]

6V6 LUL ア映虞
UGC NA (oh god) Silver 6v6 Season 25- why? [Starting whatever]
roser Jun 19 @ 5:42pm 
         ,-、         ,.-、
        ./:::::\        /::::::ヽ
       /::::::::::::;ゝ--──-- 、._/::::::::::::::|
       /,.-‐''"´          \:::::::::|
     /              ヽ、::|
    /    ●                ヽ|
     l   、、、             ●     l
    .|        (_人__丿   、、、  |
     l                   l
    ` 、                    /
      `ー 、__             /
         /`'''ー‐‐──‐‐‐┬--- /
asura May 25 @ 4:47pm 
hipster soldier of the thrift store gestapo
asura Apr 28 @ 10:26am 
You have been visited by the flexing boss of this gym. Good gains and testosterone will come to you but only if you post "FUCK♂YOU" in the comments section.
aral_sea_aaron_sneed_717 Apr 21 @ 9:08pm 
roser Apr 10 @ 4:56pm 
Dart Mann Apr 4 @ 7:47pm 
Hello baka.