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I hate myself for being who I am, who I have been.
I feel scared thinking what I might have done and what terrible person I might possibly be.
I want to be better. Better than my yesterday self. I will take things I have lost as a lesson to myself.
I don't want to be angry to anyone anymore, because in the end I will be angry to myself.
I am old enough of a person to hold my tears, even if I don't have any, I will convince my sadness to go.
I will try my best to be better.
Never underestimate how much can be done to you by your very few sentences.
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I don't want to lose someone like him again. (last edited 17th April 2021)
About me...
:diamond: Name: Cr4z1 (crazy/kraeg) and fk456. (fk/frank)
If you by any chance get into voice channel with me you will hear people calling me fk

:diamond: Age: Only answered when I feel like it.

:diamond: Birthday: 27th November.

:diamond: Hobby: Playing games and drawing.

Things in Team Fortress 2
I'm a admin of TitanTF. [] So you will see me playing almost only TitanTF servers If I happen to play in community servers.
Finally after 8 years,I have gotten a decent connection.
I usually play only Turbine in casual and Ghost Town in mvm.
I have the most hours on spy, and I still manage to suck a lot at playing this class.
I'm quite experienced in ghost town.
Other games I play(ed)
Left 4 Dead 2
Garry's mod
Ultimate Chicken Horse
Some friends.
Leeroy -Very helpful friend who help me survived throught my exam on 2019. Thank you for everything, pal. Don't worry, if you ever feel down again, I'm always here to listen. And congratulations, you made it through your final exam.

Lecubon - Again, my items.
when are we playing again tho?

SeanL -Rich friends. Has he quitted his anime addiction?

Feeros -Unique lining artist. He draws me a lot too.

Nichilneominus -Had been with me for the last few terraria playthroughs.

Other people.
Arzrath (now known as Sherlock)
moshi no kozakku
Bewtiful. you may hate me, but I will always wait for you.
Neosiah. You will have my deepest apologize. Forever.

My lessons.
I will refrain myself from hurting other people.
I will think of people's perspective before judging anyone.
I will refrain myself from judging any likings.
I will try my best not to fall into a trick people have designed.
I will only judge the individual and not pull anyone else into it.
Do not think people different from you are worse than anyone else.
If I can, I want to ignore everything, be unconcerned about everything, and be not bothered by anything. I don't give a ♥♥♥♥. 17/4/2021 But sadly I can't.

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I live in Ghost Town
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i live in 2 fort
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this guy lives in turbine

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Happy new year:HentaiGirlBetty_athlete:
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Happy new year fk456 :box: