Stork   Norway
I'm hella shit at cs tbh
apparently my aimkey fails sometimes FeelsBadMan

det är kul när man har fort.

0kseN - POWERED BY : stors = sweden talent

*DEAD* pAwk0 : the420swefaginsrter wtf ? u are faster than kennys ;/

Super Sin2421 has changed their name to Mini-Stors.

"waw ked stop make sht talks i hope so devs will remove u quick from here for trolling and posting misinformation
as i see u u get reported for trolling and spamming

also since u dont know anything and dont have own brain
warz came back to steam when it had name war z and afther few months was changed to iss
just get ur brain in google before u try make trollings
since what u sayd have no sense" - Steam forums

allub - jag suger kuk och knunlla din mamma

Stors #SilverEliteHamster: come ts
Lar$eN: NEJ
Stors #SilverEliteHamster: Jo
Stors #SilverEliteHamster: det har du
Lar$eN: Nej
Stors #SilverEliteHamster: NEJ
Lar$eN: Det har jeg fandme ikke.
Lar$eN: Hvis jeg siger det.
Stors #SilverEliteHamster: DU SKAL IKKE FAPPE
Lar$eN: i need orgasmsmsmsmms
Lar$eN: storgasm
Lar$eN: storsgasm

Spoinky Hoist: Let them know; I am the might fagolalord that has bent many virgins at the waist and ended their days of being a virgin.


Tr1ppleS: TO FIX

Kall3sen.: hey faler
Stors ლ(╹◡╹ლ): Hey din taper
Kall3sen.: kjæft æ får mer fitte på dagligbasis enn det du får på et år
Stors ლ(╹◡╹ლ): Jaså?
Stors ლ(╹◡╹ლ): If I was you, I wouldn't count rape as getting laid
Kall3sen.: Hahaha im gonna fucking kill you
Kall3sen.: stors dont be like that
Kall3sen.: u kno i love u bbygørl

*DEAD* LoWi : add this stors, sucks one on one, pro at killing from behind

*DEAD*(Terrorist) $PΛC£OVƎЯDO$E : stors how do you get 40 kills with rcs?

✪ Stors`s Dank Kush: Tadaaaaa

i want to kill myself. im not saying i will. just expressing my thoughts & feelings. brb.

-mhy-10 {LINK REMOVED} : why aim alone

Stors : gg
TwixGauche : yeah gg son fo
TwixGauche : activate more

benjocsgo: drog precis upp den sjukaste linan idag, upp med en mirage så ska ja fucka ur
ladida2013: @benjocsgo pulverdieten är bästa nr1
Moderatorbenjocsgo: skoja inte, skakar som ett asplöv

Currently Online
Well, I'm here to tell you, iT'S FUCKING GAY. If I walked up to you right fucking now, me being a dude and you being a dude and you get turned on by me that wOULD BE GAY. It's no different from fucking traps. Just cause they dress like a chick that means they are a chick, they got a dick and iT'S GAY. AND DON'T THINK DICK MAKES IT CUTER CAUSE THAT DOESN'T MAKE IT CUTER. IT MAKES IT EVEN GAYER. THAT MAKES YOU GAY BITCH. AND YOU SEND ME PICTURES WITH THEIR LITTLE SKIRTS LIFTED UP AND THEIR NUTS HANGING OUT. I DON'T WANT TO SEE THAT SHIT. I'M NOT GAY LIKE YOU. STOP SENDING ME HENTAI. STOP SENDING ME ANIME PICTURES. STOP SENDING ME TRAPS. OH MY GOD

[17:02:19] Elliot Ainscough: Watching KennyS is like watching a worse Stors

Grazzy: stors, ur my get right. Chadixz is my friberg.

Sparky Haste: you're like
Sparky Haste: KennyS morphed with GeT_RiGhT
Sparky Haste: 2pro4me

"You kidding for that droppings? ) " - Dark Souls II player

kentλh-COON: cutie
kentλh-COON: more like
kentλh-COON: hackie
kentλh-COON: am i right lmoa

Super Sin2421: Stors is a really good player
Super Sin2421: and if he took the games we play more surs
Super Sin2421: we would win every hame
Super Sin2421: game*

Sparky Haste has changed their name to Matty "Stors" Viking.VP.
Matty "Stors" Viking.VP: Do you love me

DAZIAA : stors i admin faceit
DAZIAA : you are banned 1 years!

[12:32:05] Sparky Haste: Stors you are my kennyS/get right, if you leave, I'll just be a lonely american with no swede tutor/idol. You are American hearted. MY SWEDE FRIEND.

Sparky Haste: Well today i played scziujcikinz 3with stors and he kinda like fucking hacked wow wow wow valve wow he killed me omg myhe hilled me my crosshair no worky valve pls fix

*DEAD* Pudge___.·‘¯) : С ДИГЛОМ?
*DEAD* Heo : enjoy 10 reports
WYBOROWY : hahaha ure mother is a global smurf when she sucks my dick
*DEAD* moR5iy : you global suck
*DEAD* Heo : u can buy new steamacount

☁Lilleskutt☁: du borde gå med i ett prolag
☁Lilleskutt☁: seriöst
☁Lilleskutt☁: du skulle göra så kennyS hadde ränskita i en månad

Razor Orang3 <CS:GOMall>: have you ever thought about going pro?
Razor Orang3 <CS:GOMall>: you are nuts
Razor Orang3 <CS:GOMall>: i'm not even joking
Razor Orang3 <CS:GOMall>: haven't seen anyone so fast since JW
Stors: Haha, thanks :)
Razor Orang3 <CS:GOMall>: it's a fact not a compliment

Dutchy: is it good ?
Stors: godly
Dutchy: from a scale of kennyS to Stors how godly
Stors: Stors

BartyLAD : Sorry guys! You seen like nice guys so i'll let you know our secret
BartyLAD : We have stors
BartyLAD : And SuperSin

DEsp^ : stors play more with wh .
MiniStors : he should then we would 16/0 you

Razor Orange: really impresive
Razor Orange: every time you miss a shot a black thug cries
Razor Orange: and that's never

Touka : not even global go out with 40 kills
Touka : in an mm

GiBz: stors
Stors: ye?
GiBz: do you hack
GiBz: i watched a game and you were on fire
Stors: which one?
GiBz: hs people left and right
GiBz: facade
Stors: I honestly did bad that game until late T side

hach ♥ : dude you FPL ?
dANYALOVA : better kennys
Stors #Meditate4Paris : yeah :D

✪Wolviee✪: god damn it stors
✪Wolviee✪: u know u shouldnt drink
✪Wolviee✪: u will die
✪Wolviee✪: stors makes the world spin
✪Wolviee✪: without u i be nothing #
✪Wolviee✪: ☹

GHOST : you are better than global with that scout
Dunder : not nice
Brotherman Bill : I go to lan
Hunny bopper : I am silver player with silver friends
RajinONE : jOELZ nr2
RajinONE : chrisJ
RajinONE : nr 3
Brotherman Bill : <3
RajinONE : i know u hacking

*DEAD* Retro : i love this fucking 300hours god of every weapon, corner pick and game sens with IQ over 300

Oppe #FazeUp: Är holden borta?? c:
Stors: <3 c:
Oppe #FazeUp: OMFG!!!
Stors: Kolla trades
Oppe #FazeUp: <3333
Oppe #FazeUp: jag fkn älskar dig!!! <3
Stors: <3 hehe tackar, blir lite rosig runt kinderna nu c:
Oppe #FazeUp: Jag legit e tårögd
Oppe #FazeUp: Driver inte ens!!
Oppe #FazeUp: Tack så jävla mycket på riktigt!!!
Oppe #FazeUp: <333

*DEAD* Göthe ^_^ : han snackar skit och är super obvious.
*DEAD* Göthe ^_^ : försöker skylla sina tidigare bans på bs saker.
Göthe ^_^ : du var silver för ett tag sedan, nu är du global?
Göthe ^_^ : key mannen
Göthe ^_^ : behövde fuskar mer i datorspel för att försöka övertyga dig själv om att ditt liv inte är helt jävla patetiskt menar du
Göthe ^_^ : hoppas verkligen någon får tag i dig så dem kan slå ihjäl dig din lilla jävla patetiska horunge
chad : göteborg, på hisingen vid bräckeskolan typ
Göthe ^_^ : bäst timing i spelet hela tiden, du är alltså så jävla efterbliven att du själv tror att du inte fuskar?
*DEAD* Göthe ^_^ : du lider av schizofreni och intalar dig själv att du inte fuskar eller?
*DEAD* Göthe ^_^ : äckliga jävla horunge alltså new gen fittor.

bergArn: Morvii
bergArn: Hackar Hiffer eller drog han ba insane skott xd?
bergArn: Han var sjuk med scooter bästa grabben

*DEAD* LUkson : u are actually the best sniper in the world
18:16 - LUkson: what is your main lvl
18:16 - LUkson: are u kennys
18:16 - LUkson: or what
18:16 - LUkson: wtf

La di da .-.: Sätter käppen i backen you shall not cs

Positiev : choose light
IMPULZE : i don't deal with virgins like you, sorry :>
Positiev : tallen is aimlocker idiot

16:16 - Joel: I can't say that
16:16 - Joel: You'd be a great awper in a team
16:16 - Joel: Like JW on steroids
16:17 - Stors: haha thanks c: but I need to be more consistent
16:17 - Joel: Or like JW and KennyS were gay and they adopted a child
16:17 - Joel: And they taught him everything

*DEAD* xannax : who are you
*DEAD* xannax : question mark
*DEAD* Stors : Stors
*DEAD* xannax : u got a dlore lmao
*DEAD* xannax : ?
Stors : yeah
*DEAD* xannax : kys
*DEAD* xannax : niger

16:46 - Stors: hi
16:46 - [Yunus] {LINK REMOVED}: hi
16:46 - [Yunus] {LINK REMOVED}: wtf ?
16:46 - Stors: what's up?
16:48 - [Yunus] {LINK REMOVED}: you are crazy
16:48 - [Yunus] {LINK REMOVED}: xd
16:49 - [Yunus] {LINK REMOVED}: why did you cheat ?

20:53 - Crystal: haha when he creams
20:53 - Crystal: SCREAMS
20:53 - Crystal: OMG
20:53 - Crystal: NGP\SIDHFOUGS\DHF

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