@__fisk   United Kingdom (Great Britain) developer. please don't send a friend request if I don't know you, probably will ignore it. I don't like using Steam as an IM service. sorry.
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get off the fucking typer
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Obi Apr 26 @ 9:00am 
s w e d i s h
creeperboy2008 Apr 26 @ 3:40am 
fun fact, fisk, wich is your name is Fish in my language ;)
Sargent¥ Apr 17 @ 2:45pm 
Hey fisk, I'd just like to ask a brief question. You're more than welcome to remove me afterwards if you like.
-[EVIL]- Pepsi Apr 16 @ 6:55pm 
Hey Fisk, are you aware of this fake group on Steam?

It has over 8000 members and only seems to serve as a billboard for scammers/scam sites.
It harbors people like this, , who if you look at previous names claims to be an "Item verifyer".

Is there anything you can do? I would try to tell Geel but his comments are always private.
Snotty Boy Apr 12 @ 2:12pm 
Can I talk to you about your use of steamrep implemented into
zForciesh Mar 27 @ 11:13am 
when fix automatic ?