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Jedy 1 hour ago 
Hello, Popular trading/gambling cs go site skinsnecro tradebot/roulette gives to his users 50-150$(or knifes) in skins! Also we got new opskins system - vgo, see more on skinsnecro. Steam unbanned their bots with old items so they giveaway them for free. You should enter promocode on skinsnecro. Also if you add skinsnecro to nickname you will get 50% discount to first trade or vgo! Link to skinsnecro at my profile
Headshotdoge 18 hours ago 
I'm the guy from discord :)
Sole Mate Sep 3 @ 12:54pm 
Well, somehow it's working again, I'll send a message if the IP gets blocked again and it lasts for too long, sorry for disturbing you.
Zenyu Sep 3 @ 12:44pm 
I can give you my IP In private steam message accept me please sir ;(
Zenyu Sep 3 @ 12:43pm 
I got IP Ban Because I was refreshing the page like 3-4 times bcz it wasnt loading a couple a hours ago I added you to talk about it.
Sole Mate Sep 3 @ 12:35pm 
Hey, I've just got IP banned from, I'll add you now, so you can help me with the issue.