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Some facts about me before adding me to your friend, so also If you agree add me to your friend so you also accept all of the following things about me:

1. You accept me for who I am...
2. Respect & agree if I decide to refuse any specific matter
3. Speak properly, I do not like dry or bad jokes that hurt people or me so keep your tongue in check...
4. You did not choose my English language. I know mines is broken. Stop pointing that out.
5. I am a game and Item collector.
6. I am a casual player. I do not do hardcore and endgame shit.
7. I am engaged and do not share. That's a fact.
8. I am taken. Thats a fact. deal with it.

Also, do not ask me about Team Fortress 2 trade exchanges.

Respect for others and myself, thank you.
If you agree with these things so you get to add me to your friend, otherwise do not bother me or for any other reason.

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