FireFox   London, City of, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
:epihappy: Hi. I'm FireFox. 28 Years Old. [15th October 1992]. Male. Straight.

Game Designer/Digital Artist/Music Composer/Audio Engineer/Microsoft Certified Professional.

I compose Synthpop/Orchestral/Electronic/Rock/Ambient Music.

If You should require small Music tracks [Less than 5 Minutes], Please contact Me and I will try My best to respond.

For more complex and larger tracks [5 Minutes or more], I may charge a Fee depending on the length and complexity of the track. Please contact Me to discuss.

Currently working on -

Fox Knights [2017 (Ongoing)]
SCP: Containment Breach [2012 (Ongoing)]
SCP: Unity [2017 - 2019]
SCP: Unreal [2018 (Ongoing)]
SCP: Sedition [2017 (Ongoing)]
SCP: Ascension [2018 (Ongoing)]
SCP: Data Redacted [2018 (Ongoing)]
SCP: Nine-Tailed Fox Mod [2019 (Ongoing)]
SCP: New View [2019 (Ongoing)]

Favourite Genres -

2D Platformer
3D Platformer
First Person Shooter
Survival Horror
Third Person Shooter

Hated Genres -

Dating Simulators
Hentai Games
Meme Games
Twin Stick Shooter
Visual Novels

Feel free to send a Friend Request, If I know You from Somewhere I frequent.

Don't add Me for Trading.

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Online - I am Online. Higher Chance of replying.
Busy - I am Working on Something and would prefer Not to be Messaged.
Offline - I am Offline or Appearing Offline.

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YouTube - TimRonaldJake
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Discord - Ask.
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:epifox:Specifications:epifox: -

MSI GT72S GQE Dominator Pro G
Intel Core i7-6820HK 2.70 GHz
Nvidia GTX 980M 8 GB
1,024 GB SSD
1,024 GB Hard Disc Drive
Blu-Ray Disc Drive
Razer Kraken 7.1 Chroma


Milestones -

1st Game - Thief 2: The Metal Age
5th Game - Half-Life 2
10th Game - Guns of Icarus
25th Game - Just Cause 2
50th Game - Betrayer
75th Game - Call Of Cthulhu: DCotE
100th Game - Torchlight II
250th Game - Grand Theft Auto V
500th Game - Rogue Shooter: The FPS Roguelike
750th Game - Locked Fears
1000th Game - Dungeons 2
1500th Game - The 111th Soul
2000th Game -
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29 Hours played
I originally completed this Game to 100% on the Windows Store/Xbox One Release back In 2017 [Including All Achievements]. I can easily say, Without a doubt, Super Lucky's Tale Is One of My Favourite 3D Platformers and One of My Favourite Games of All Time.

Edit - As of 20th July 2019, I have achieved 100% of the Super Lucky's Tale Achievements on Steam. I highly Recommend This Game.

Visuals - 4/5

Other than a limited Selection of Character Models, The Visuals are full of charm and bright colours. This Cartoon Style worked for 3D Platformers Decades ago and It still works well to This Day, Ensuring the Game will most likely never look as Outdated compared to Games which go for a more Realistic Aesthetic. The way Lucky smiles at You as You pan the Camera around Is absolutely adorable! Each Hub World Is distinct and full of Coins and Diamonds, With many of Them well hidden.

The Animations are fluid and, Other than a few Jerky Moments, Flow really well. There are a few odd Moments [Design Choice?] such as Dying In the air will make Lucky stay floating In the Spot He died.

Controls - 4/5

The most Important Part of any 3D Platformer are the Controls. If Your Character doesn't control well, The Platforming will suffer and Everything comes crashing down. Thankfully, Lucky controls very tightly and reacts swiftly to User Input. The Controls are responsive and easy to master.

Camera Controls are limited, However. There Is no true 3D Camera and You can only tilt the Camera at certain Angles. Be wary when making dangerous Jumps as the Camera can become Your Main Enemy. Always check to make sure Lucky's Shadow Is on the Surface You are trying to reach or You will end up falling to Your Death.

Combat works well but There Is the occasional odd Hitbox Detection such as coming Into Contact with an Enemy mid-jump or trying to pounce on Them. This can be a Problem If You're trying to get the Achievements which require You to complete a Level without taking Damage.

My only Main Gripe Is Lucky's Double Jump doesn't gain enough Height.

Sound - 5/5

The Music Is bright and cheerful, Mainly Orchestral In Nature but There are the occasional Electronic Tracks which sound awesome. Lucky's Theme really gives off the Feeling of Adventure and Is very expressive of Lucky's carefree Nature. The Boss Music Tracks fit the Tension but also tend to feel a bit disconnected depending on Who You're fighting such as having a Sound similar to a 50's UFO Sci-Fi Film while fighting a Pirate.

Each Hub World has It's Own Theme which fits the Aesthetic of the Area such as Spookington having a very Ghostly and Halloween Feel to It whereas Holiday Canyon has several more Exotic Instruments fitting the Hot and Arid Climate.

One of the stand out Tracks Is definitely Lady Meowmalade's Boss Music In the Gilly Island DLC. It's extremely catchy despite the Vocals mostly just saying "Meow". Great Job on This! It suits Meowmalade's extravagant Lifestyle and Her Diva Personality. I also like the Soggy Boggy Boys' small Song In One of the Veggie Village Levels, Even though It Is so Short. :P

Gameplay - 4/5

Lucky has a Number of Ways to combat Enemies such as Pouncing, Tail Whipping and Launching from the Ground while Digging. There will be Moments Where You have to chain Lucky's Moves such as alternating between Jumps and Digging. This Is very true during the Boss Battles where You need to keep on Your Toes and learn the Patterns the Bosses perform.

There are a Variety of Levels from the standard Platforming Levels, 2D Platforming Segments, Burrowing Levels where Lucky Is on Auto-Pilot and You need to perform Various Moves to get past Obstacles and, Of course, Puzzles. Sliding Puzzles which can provide a good Brainteaser for Those Who like Them. Other than These, Levels usually have a set Goal Which You need to achieve such as flipping Switches littered throughout a Level.

Enemies come In different Forms such as Giant Caterpillars, Which don't do much other than crawl towards You, Bees which can fire a Stinger at You as well as a Red Variant which can fire Three Stingers rapidly, Flowers that try to headbutt You and More. Learning how to defeat Them will prove essential If You're trying to go for All the Achievements.

Again, Learning how to use the Camera efficiently will benefit You. I would say My least Favourite Levels are the Levels In which Lucky Is In a Ball and You need to angle the Level to move Him around. Due to the awkward Camera Angle, It does become tough trying to move Lucky around the Stages.

The DLC adds a Ton of new Content such as new Costumes and more Levels. Both of Them are equally good as Guardian Trials adds a Ton of new Levels but Gilly Island has far more Variety and a better Narrative Plot. As well as That great Music Track I mentioned earlier.

Overall - 17/20

As a HUGE Fan of 3D Platformers, I've played Them All. Crash Bandicoot, Sonic the Hedgehog, Ty the Tasmanian Tiger, Kao the Kangaroo... I love Them All and I can happily say Super Lucky's Tale Is another Game I will always cherish. A 3D Platformer? Yes. With a Fox? Heck, Yes!

If You love Platformers, I highly recommend Super Lucky's Tale. It Is a pleasure to play through and, Even though the Camera takes a few Points away, It's a solid Game. Tight Controls, Bright Visuals, Pleasant Music.. All Things a Game centred around a Platforming Mascot should be!

I hope We see a Super Lucky's Tale 2 someday! Heck, Maybe even a Non-VR Version of Lucky's Tale [Super Lucky's Tale Is a "Sequel"]. Still hoping to end up with a Lucky Pop Vinyl on My Shelf In the Future too!

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