Markku Hyttinen   Tampere, Western Finland, Finland
Usually I use nick FireFlower, if taken then I use one of the following:

Old forgotten nicks: :summerghost:
Make90 - 99'-06', mainly The 4th Coming v1.23b and c.
(Played on DNA and Maggicrealm, where I changed nick to FireFlower)

Hobbies: Nothing permament currently, usually stick with one hobby a couple years then change to something else. I get bored fast if the hobby is not addictive.

Gaming Merits:
- I was the first to reach level 99 on hardcore ladder Europe on Diablo 2, twice. (2003-2004 if I remember correctly)
- Played The 4th Coming for 7 years non-stop. Reached 2nd place on Top 10 on Maggicrealm with shittiest build ever. (Ancient Fire Battlemage, don't ask how I managed to grind that thing to level 163). Stopped playing when T4C was forcely updated to 1.50 without way to alter original content spells, nerfed my build to oblivion thus any leveling required at least twice the time, where others didn't receive nerf/buff. :Honored:
- Undefeated T4C Paintball event winner, I won it 8 times? Lots of cheating reports. Of course I didn't cheat, there was just certain kind habbit that I developed during exping and it proofed to be the key factor in paintball event
- Succeeded greatly in World of Tanks Clan: Finnish Tank Clan [FTC]. From the bottom to the almost highest position without causing much shitstorm. My ESL competive team was ranked top 8 in 2013 Finnish WoT ESL tournament. (40 participants, 7-11 players with each team)
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woot uusi steam badge T_T miksi näitä keräilen? :trazz:

>Lisää badgeja :steamfacepalm:
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Sitä on laitettu visa vinkumaan
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woot uusi steam badge T_T miksi näitä keräilen? :trazz:
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