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I've realized that Steam Sales and my wallet are locked in a bitter rivalry. I wish I had more time to play games and be idle, but work, work, work... I now mostly play with my controller, and single player games. I just don't have the time to devote to multiplayer to become any good at most games or get involved in too many communities. If you want to add me on PSN, it's the same profile name. I also really, really enjoy modding games. Sometimes even more so than playing them.
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Swordbreaker could be tagged as a Visual Novel, but it seems a little short on narrative and long on choice for that genre. The writing can often be juvenile, especially with an out of place subplot about aliens and nuclear rockets and an odd nod to Nightmare on Elm Street, but I feel the art and mechanics choices more than make up for it.

You play an anonymous adventurer who suddenly inherits a map to a castle from a stranger. Down on your luck you decide to check it out. And so begins this modern remix of Fighting Fantasy with a hint of Shadowgate. Each scene is short and to the point, and presents about two to three choices. Often times, only one choice will lead to survival, so they are not really narrative choices. There are still plenty of branching paths, and the whole story won't be revealed in one or even two play throughs, so you'll have to play through multiple times to put everything together. This isn't as much of a chore as it sounds, as you can find everything and unlock all the scenes over the course of an afternoon.

I initially liked the three lives and single save mechanic, as it prevented save scumming, added tension to your life and death choices, and yet still gave you a little flexibility to explore your choices. After the first few playthroughs though, it felt irritating as you realise that each playthrough is relativley short, removing the tension. This is especially irritating when you are picking choices that you know will probably kill you, just to find the nuggets that you're missing. I think after unlocking the three main endings, I would have liked a "rewind" mechanic in order to more efficiently find all the scenes that I had missed along the way. On that note, the castle map feature is really well laid out, and is really helpful in navigating subsequent playthroughs to find what you've missed.

The writing is a little hit and miss. Some of the subplots are dumb, while some of the other characters (such as the cook) are interesting showing more depth to them as you encounter them from different entrances and leave the scenario in different ways. Some of the choices you're presented with are also off-the-walls bonkers, especially when you consider how dangerous the castle is, and why you would even be motivated to do them. Examples include, slapping a naked banshee's behind (hey, toots!), stopping to try on a dress while in the middle of fleeing pursuit, evading/fighting a shark by throwing a dress on it, or the many opportunities to take naps at what would appear to be inopportune and very dangerous situations. You'll also run into a few type-o's here and there, such as referring to your mid-section as "waste" instead of "waist." This could all be due to botched translation, from "Unknown Translator" (I'm not kidding here, check the credits), but you get what you pay for I guess, and if you can't even be bothered to pay a credit title... However, I think most of the translation is fairly well done, and I wish the volunteer could get some credit for his/her work.

The art is amazing, and abundant. Period.

Technically sound, with the only issue I ran into was during the Eplilogue Sequences. They are unskippable, even after viewing them once, have excessive pauses, and only respond to one button press if you don't want to wait for them. If you press "ESC" it crashes to desktop instead of skipping to the next picture and words, or to the credits, or going to menu or anything.

Overall, I would say that the price is right. For most people who are interested in the genre, it'll still be time well spent even with it's rough spots. I give Swordbreaker a strong recommendation, and am excited to see what else comes out of DuCats in the future, especially with improved writing and translation.
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I used to think I had too many steam games. Then I saw your profile. :)
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YES I would like a free copy of Torchlight!