dan   Perth, Western Australia, Australia
i love anime links being sent to me on my profile and nsfw lewd being sent to me in my steam chat. i love doing rp and erp. and i love streaming anime content. (note i do afternoon streams and not morning ones) for all your anime needs. where i write stuff for all the good anime content

sinons is also the reason why i want to exsist.
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Masonic78 18 hours ago 
V_for_Vanonymous Jul 18 @ 8:15am 
Masonic sure ill make you admin
mango Jul 17 @ 6:17pm 
the charger doesnt even like him lmao
the entire third crusade Jul 17 @ 2:38pm 
not only is it not your artwork,, its porn. i mean, you do you, you wanna yank off more than the charger from l4d2, and a cod rage kid as a grown man, fine by me, but ya dont gotta act like you made it, or that anyone else gives a rats ass.

" boo hoo i do dumb stuff and people called me dumb."
✦|Xp Jul 17 @ 2:35pm 
Renye <3 Jul 17 @ 2:32pm 
ill have sex with him