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dan   Perth, Western Australia, Australia

i love anime links being sent to me on my profile and nsfw lewd being sent to me in my steam chat. i love doing rp and erp. and i love streaming anime content. (note i do afternoon streams and not morning ones) for all your anime needs. where i write stuff for all the good anime content

sinons is also the reason why i want to exsist.
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wii shop Sep 21 @ 1:22pm 
Ha🅱️e a nive 🅱️ay.
aden/ w kirito Sep 13 @ 9:27pm 
stolichnaya Sep 13 @ 8:17pm 
Hi. This is an invitation to the Soviet Metal group, the group is about rock and metal music of the Soviet Union and 90s Russia. Join if you're interested.
Sbishです Sep 13 @ 5:11pm 
Have a beatiful day :shigure2: :BR_Heart:
aden/ w kirito Sep 12 @ 12:09am 
nah u wont
no you. Sep 9 @ 5:31pm 
aden, if i had a choice, i'd report you.