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Kobenhavn, Denmark
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Unusuals I have unboxed: (currently 119
Level 41 Disco Beat Down Slick Cut
Level 96 Aces High Cotton Head
Level 38 Stormy 13th Flipped Trilby
Level 77 Disco Beat Down Flipped Trilby
Level 15 Kill-a-Watt Janissary Ketche
Level 09 Bubbling Janissary Ketche
Level 49 Kill-a-Watt Tough Stuff Muffs
Level 43 Anti-Freeze War Pig
Level 17 Nuts n' Bolts Wraith Wrap
Level 32 Terror-Watt Sergeant's Drill Hat
Level 71 Eerie Orbiting Fire Rimmed Raincatcher
Level 10 Orbiting Planets Master's Yellow Belt
Level 39 Vivid Plasma Grimm Hatte
Level 76 Terror-Watt Halogen Head Lamp
Level 75 Poisoned Shadows Western Wear
Level 10 Blizzardy Storm Your Worst Nightmare
Level 89 Cloudy Moon Tipped Lid
Level 20 Aces High Bolted Birdcage
Flippin' Awesome Unusualifier x2
Square Dance Unusualifier x2
Mannrobics Unusualifier x3
Burstchester Unusualifier
Skullcracker Unusualifier x2
The Killer Solo Unusualifier x5
The Director's Vision Unusualifier
Rancho Relaxo Unusualifier x2
The Trackman's Touchdown Unusualfier
Buy a Life Unusualifier
Level 2 Stormy Storm Starboard Crusader
Level 4 Terror Watt Sky High Fly Guy
Kazotsky Kick Unusualfier x2
Level 91 Smoking Trucker's Topper
Scotsmann's Stagger Unusualifier x2
Level 95 Searing Plasma Caribou Companion
Level 19 Circling Heart Caribou Companion
The Russian Arms Race Unusualifier x2
Level 80 Vivid Plasma Brain-Warming Wear
Yeti Smash Unusualifier x4
Results Are In Unusualifier x4
Rancho Relaxo Unusualifier
Level 26 Searing Plasma Noble Nickel Amassment of Hats
The Balloonibouncer Unusualifier x2
Spent Well Spirits Unusualifier x3
Strange Unusual Dovetailed War Paint (MW) (Cool)
The Boston Breakdance Unusualifier
Battin' a Thousand Unusualifier
Level 54 Disco Beat Down The Cat's Pajamas
Level 94 Voltaic Hat Protector A Head Full of Hot Air
Runner's Rhythm Unusualifier
Level 74 Disco Beat Down Rotation Sensation
Level 22 Burning Flames Universal Translator
Unusual Cosmic Calamity War Paint (FT) (Iso)
Shred Alert Unusualfier
Level 45 Purple Confetti Elf Esteem
Level 16 Sunbeams Nasty Norseman
Level 1 Eldtrich Flame Smokey Sombrero
Level 1 Massed Flies Smokey Sombrero
Unusual Polar Surprise War Paint (FT) (Iso)
Level 62 Green Energy Dark Falkirk Helm
Level 12 Kill-a-Watt Brotherhood of Arms
The Soviet Strongarm Unusualfier
The Disco Fever Unusualfier x2
Level 25 Bubbling Brain-Warming Wear
Level 59 Green Confetti Tundra Top
Level 90 Power Surge Hetman's Headpiece
Second Rate Sorcery Unusualifier
Oblooterated Unusualifier x2
Level 46 Orbiting fire Head Prize
Level 84 Haunted Ghost Neckwear Headwear
Hot Turbine Torcher Flame Thrower (WW)
The Carlton Unusualifier x2
The Headcase Unusualifier
The Skating Scorcher Unusualifier
Cool Blitzkrieg Revolver (FT)
Level 11 Haunted Ghost A Head Full of Hot Air
The Box Trot Unusualifier
Rock, Paper, Scissors Unusualifier
Level 94 Haunted Ghosts Base Metal Billycock
The Bunnyhopper Unusualifier
The Proletariat Posedown Unusualifier
Level 76 Vivid Plasma Nuke
Bucking Bronco Unusualifier
Meet the Medic Unusualifier
Level 14 Clairvoyance Brass Bucket
Level 94 Omniscient Orb Truckers Topper
Level 51 Vicious Circle Smokey Sombreo
Level 94 Its a mystery to everyone Prehistoric Pullover
Level 57 The Eldritch Opening Hephaistos' Handcraft
Level -- Purple Energy Truckers Topper
High Five Unusualifier
Horror Holiday War Paint (FT) (Iso)
Polar Surprise War Paint (BS) (Iso)
Party Trick unusualifier
Level -- TF2 Logo Sinner's Shade
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Listen you drain clogging last cookie eating collect call getting sponge

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Plushy Jan 10 @ 8:31pm 
Words of niceness formed in a way to make a nice sentence!
Jcck2000 Jan 10 @ 7:23pm 
Something nice
Shadow Jan 10 @ 1:31pm 
Hai. :cinnamon2:
Here's Some Haiku for You...
» before the money, ☁
» Japan admired happily. ☻
» Denmark stops blowing. ✤
» While torturing the ✦
» elbows, Mexico admired ✈
» without blowing truth ❉
» beside the clothing, ♪
» Suzuki and Tiger play. ♂
» Cuba starts pulling. ♂
Lazer_AA Jan 1 @ 9:18am 
This is ♥♥♥♥ING epic
Festive Flutters | Dec 25, 2018 @ 10:20pm 
Just ♥♥♥♥ing ban me from your servers,I'm nothing anyways