Alex   United Kingdom (Great Britain)
Guy who likes seals, cars and making models.
I mainly specialise in map props, you can see some of the maps I've helped with below.

I don't accept random friend requests, please comment if you want to add me or send a message to FGD5#3114 on discord
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Workshop Showcase
A collection of vehicles for TF2, now in SFM.
This is a WIP, more models are being added over time.
Each model comes in different skins. Some models are designed to be modular and fit together (forklift, truck cabs and trailers).

IMPORTANT! These are
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Created by - FGD5
Workshop Showcase
Here he comes, the boy.

As seen in pd_selbyen, featured in the TF2 Summer 2023 update! Go feed him some fish.

Comes in 2 sizes, has a basic rig and 3 skins. Has a 2 idle animations, a bounce animation and a swim animation. An enhanced version with a mout
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Created by - blaholtzen, FGD5, and Lo-fi Longcat
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King Pineapple Dec 1 @ 9:43am 
Sending a friend request wondering if you or Sander could sign my Clown's Cover-Up, it has become my favorite cosmetic of all time (-: p.s. I'll provide the gift wrap ofc
SnickerPuffs Nov 25 @ 5:10pm 
Sending you a friend request so I can credit you on a map!
The Postal Dude Nov 11 @ 10:20pm 
FGD5 Nov 11 @ 5:48am 
The guy who made the concept did it based on the payday masks and refered to them alot so Ill confirm that
The Postal Dude Nov 10 @ 7:32am 
could you confirm wether or not the clown’s cover-up is a payday reference or not? the wiki requires proof for it to be added to its trivia
aceman Nov 4 @ 1:45pm 
course man your welcome also question is the cabover truck a international?