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Pyro Artworks
http://i.imgur.com/mhNm0dT.jpg +made by Bread
http://i.imgur.com/pyTiu5K.png +made by Chief Breadfish
http://i.imgur.com/OVrGGh5.png +made by Chief Breadfish
http://i.imgur.com/SdBvxdW.jpg +made by Technic
http://i.imgur.com/1z1K5Xk.png +made by Grand
https://i.imgur.com/POTWRId.jpg +i forgot who made this
http://i.imgur.com/VwswlpL.jpg +made by Sir Fuzzington

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https://i.imgur.com/ibWEDYI.jpg + by Chief Breadfish
http://imgur.com/a/XD1gI +grand's cat
http://i.imgur.com/BEj4648.png +Tip of The Hats 2015 my donation
http://i.imgur.com/xfWmIis.jpg +Tip of The Hats 2015 their donation
http://i.imgur.com/eSHh4yF.png +artwork by Grand

6:22 PM - c. Macchiato: i think i need to go to a mental hospital
6:22 PM - c. Macchiato: 4 days ago im drowning with tears
6:22 PM - c. Macchiato: now im laughing hysterically
6:22 PM - c. Macchiato: can i do a self check in
6:23 PM - (FCC)MainiaC ت: You're insane
6:23 PM - (FCC)MainiaC ت: Join the rest of us

2:34 PM - c. Macchiato: also that moment when the first hale was named "anxiety" and the next hale was named "depression"
2:34 PM - c. Macchiato: #relatable

when you can highly relate to your teammates' battletags [cdn.discordapp.com]


Yeah, fuck off buddy we absolutely need more Laine clips. Fuckin every time this kid steps on the ice someone scores. kids fuckin dirt nasty man.
Does fuckin ovi have 14 goals this season I dont fuckin think so bud.
I'm fuckin tellin ya Patrik "golden flow" Laine is pottin 50 in '17 fuckin callin it right now.
Clap bombs, fuck moms, wheel, snipe, and fuckin celly boys fuck.
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absolutely not Chief Breadfish's chat
11:37 PM - c. Mio-cchiato: http://i.imgur.com/6Rjwwyl.jpg
11:37 PM - c. Mio-cchiato: me_irl
11:39 PM - c. Mio-cchiato: http://i.imgur.com/I0jEo9N.gifv me and you

3:51 PM - c. Meowcchiato: http://i.imgur.com/7ThBHBg.jpg
3:51 PM - c. Meowcchiato: me and you
3:51 PM - c. Meowcchiato: #notgay
3:51 PM - Chief Breadfish: #reallygay

8:27 PM - c. Macchiato: https://gfycat.com/ActualShallowCod
8:27 PM - c. Macchiato: me and you

10:14 PM - c. Macchiato: https://i.imgur.com/9TzdbyJ.jpg
10:15 PM - c. Macchiato: me adult cat u kitty
10:18 PM - Chief Breadfish: ty fam
10:21 PM - c. Macchiato: got you daniel

9:17 PM - Champ: me right you left
9:17 PM - Champ: http://i.imgur.com/vh2mscE.gif
9:18 PM - Champ: how i feel right now

9:00 PM - c. Macchiato: k i give up on free 125 points (Starbucks)
9:00 PM - c. Macchiato: thanks
9:00 PM - Chief Breadfish: np
9:01 PM - Chief Breadfish: will you survive
9:04 PM - c. Macchiato: :TryAgain:
9:04 PM - c. Macchiato: :Steamsalty:
9:04 PM - Chief Breadfish: well it was nice knowing you
9:05 PM - c. Macchiato: pls transfer me to a more sane operator please
9:05 PM - Chief Breadfish: is there something wrong with me
9:05 PM - c. Macchiato: uhm youre triggering my safe space
9:06 PM - Chief Breadfish: *transfer in progress*
9:07 PM - Chief Breadfish: Hi there~ I am Fluffy Rawrpaw, I am a pansexual demiboy wolfkin, and my pronouns are Wer/Wim/Whey. You can check me out on http://ruffbarkfuck.tumblr.com I am here to make you feel as safe as you need to~ ;3 Is there anything you want to talk about?
9:10 PM - c. Macchiato: are whey powders it or?
9:10 PM - c. Macchiato: original joke
9:11 PM - Chief Breadfish: Please dont make fun of my assigned pronouns, i was born with them and i honor them. If theres nothing you want to talk about, then ill be on my way.

12:33 AM - c. Macchiato: ok gg gunna go there ty bb (his home address)
12:33 AM - Chief Breadfish: k cant wait for the murder
12:33 AM - Chief Breadfish is now Offline.
12:33 AM - Chief Breadfish is currently offline, they will receive your message the next time they log in.
12:33 AM - c. Macchiato: LEL with my love
12:33 AM - c. Macchiato: :nekoheart:
12:33 AM - c. Macchiato: fuck u
12:33 AM - c. Macchiato: why offline

7:27 PM - c. Macchiato: http://i.imgur.com/lIkY13g.png
7:27 PM - c. Macchiato: I CANT LOOK AT IT
7:27 PM - c. Macchiato: VALVE NEEDS TO CHANGE THIS
7:26 PM - Champ: jesus fucking memes
7:26 PM - Champ: i love it
7:28 PM - c. Macchiato: thank

10:16 PM - c. Macchiato: damn daniel
* 2 days later*
11:48 PM - Champ: oohhh when you said damn daniel to me ealier that was a meme
11:50 PM - c. Macchiato: HAHAHAHA

rxg | Champ: totally useless without you

9:10 PM - Champ: i think this is your subtle hint that im no longer yours
9:10 PM - c. Macchiato: pls
9:10 PM - c. Macchiato: youll always be

12:07 AM - rxg | Champ: literally gonna kill myself
12:16 AM - c. Macchiato: excellent
12:16 AM - rxg | Champ is now Offline.
12:16 AM - c. Macchiato: excellent

8:51 PM - rxg | Champ is now Online.
8:51 PM - rxg | Champ's Wife: hi
8:52 PM - rxg | Champ is now Offline.
8:52 PM - rxg | Champ's Wife: ok

9:39 PM - rxg | Champ: bye time to take out my dentures and head to the nursing home
9:39 PM - c. Macchiato: :D
9:39 PM - c. Macchiato: omg

5:35 PM - c. Macc-eerie-hiato: have u played dont stare together
5:35 PM - rxg | Champ: staring is rude
5:35 PM - c. Macc-eerie-hiato: lol omg
5:35 PM - c. Macc-eerie-hiato: starve
5:35 PM - c. Macc-eerie-hiato: fuckking nazi

1:18 AM - c. Macchiato: palm sweaty
1:18 AM - c. Macchiato: moms spaghetti
1:19 AM - c. Macchiato: nice nice
1:19 AM - Champ: stop
1:19 AM - c. Macchiato: :(
1:19 AM - Champ: im allergic to meme
1:19 AM - Champ: s
1:20 AM - c. Macchiato: :steamsad: too bad
1:20 AM - c. Macchiato: get epipens
1:22 AM - c. Macchiato: i can feel my memes when im with youu
1:22 AM - c. Macchiato: and i love it

2:01 AM - Champ: But I'm trying toddlers

11:32 PM - Champ: you cant be more memed than the guy whos name is the worst meme
11:32 PM - c. Macchiato: :shigure2:
11:32 PM - c. Macchiato: lmao
11:32 PM - c. Macchiato: ikr
11:32 PM - c. Macchiato: of all the names
11:32 PM - c. Macchiato: why
11:32 PM - Champ: i didnt even know of that terrible meme when i put this name
11:33 PM - c. Macchiato: :shigure2:
11:33 PM - c. Macchiato: the fuck how are you not even
11:33 PM - Champ: because i dont indulge myself in that garbage
11:33 PM - Champ: i probably would have never know of the john cena meme if i didnt have this name
11:34 PM - c. Macchiato: > GARBAGE
11:34 PM - c. Macchiato: > playing COD: BO3 right now
11:34 PM - c. Macchiato: lol
11:33 PM - Champ: people would tell me like 10 times a day "is champ there?" Whos champ keke im original and hilarious and can think of my own jokes
11:34 PM - c. Macchiato: you cant blame them! thats what happened with that name lol
11:34 PM - Champ: thats it im going back
11:35 PM - Champ has changed their name to Chief Breadfish.
11:35 PM - c. Macchiato: BETTER
11:35 PM - c. Macchiato: jesus
11:35 PM - c. Macchiato: been so long
11:35 PM - Chief Breadfish: im tired of being a walking meme

12:36 PM - rxg | Champ is now Online.
12:36 PM - c. Macchiato: o hi
12:37 PM - rxg | Champ is now Offline.
12:37 PM - c. Macchiato: ok bye

9:59 AM - c. Macchiato: oh look another famous guy that idk and reviewed tough break update
9:59 AM - c. Macchiato: guess what is his pyro gameplay hours
9:59 AM - c. Macchiato: 55
9:59 AM - c. Macchiato: n i c e
10:01 AM - rxg | Champ: Holy fuck dude you're so mega salty Jesus
10:01 AM - rxg | Champ is now Offline.
10:03 AM - c. Macchiato: NOT T R I G G ERE RD
10:03 AM - rxg | Champ is now Online.
10:03 AM - rxg | Champ: Lmao it is though
10:04 AM - rxg | Champ is now Offline.
10:04 AM - c. Macchiato: :(
10:04 AM - rxg | Champ is now Online.
10:04 AM - rxg | Champ: Have you seen competitive pyro? It's a complete joke
10:04 AM - rxg | Champ is now Offline.
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