~ ~╔════ღ ღ══════════════╗
~ ════════ ~ ~ ohgod ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~ ~ im ~not ~ good with ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~computer ~══════════ ~ ~ ~ ღ══════════════╝

Tommunist: i gotta get fit for lan

pyjamas: my feet were so fucking burnt
pyjamas: i have nigga feet now

Pr0 G4m3r CV:
C4C - 2nd (Rewound)
OWL2 - Friendliest Team: Fray`V
OWL3 - 2nd (Rewound)
OWL4 - Friendliest Team: kfu!
OWL7 - 3rd (BoB)
OZFKOTH - 2nd (Rac)
OZFLAN - 4th GO!
SoO: 2 - 2nd (NSW A)
SoO: 3 - 1st (NSW)
FragFest: 65 - 1st (Seeker)
NZF BBall Comp - 1st (We <3 Snowy)
MaqLan: 2 - 1st (Mant's Balls)
Reloaded: VII - 2nd (TeamQT)
Reloaded: VIII - 1st (Frenetic Array: No Yertles)
Respawn: 23 - 2nd (Conned into playing)
SGL: Resurgence Lan - 2nd (Walken)
SGL: 2.0 - 2nd (Team Yuki Lol)
SGL: The Fifth - 1st (Touched by Feresar)
SGL: Lan of Thrones - 2nd (Bulk's Brogans)
SOGC Free Lan - 1st (Hyphen)
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GLA maid 27. okt. 2016 kl. 0:04 
6:04 PM - When I Was Done Dying: is feresar your type
6:04 PM - ywl: yeah hes pretty cute
PuSsY GaLoRe 11. okt. 2015 kl. 16:33 
those tf2 hours tho....
oakley 23. maj 2015 kl. 4:51 
I asked mom why i should never open that closet and so i opened it and a giant black eel came slithering out of the crack and it strangled me with its giant black slimy muscles. before i could fight it off a large african american man entered the room and screamed "hey thats my ♥♥♥♥" whoooops if i could give birth to a thousand spiders and have them all crawl out of my ♥♥♥ and thats the best super power anybody could have like seriously try robbing a bank while i shoot spiders out of my ♥♥♥ i shot a dog on the way to work
Cinderella 29. dec. 2014 kl. 15:03 
10:02 AM - rac Tomm: and i got to walk about in one of those frocks with no back
10:02 AM - rac Tomm: was ♥♥♥♥ing fresh
Cinderella 29. okt. 2014 kl. 3:06 
>ask cute girl from class if she wants to see a movie with me
>she says yes
>"cool, pick me up at 8?"
>give her a fist bump
>run home
>she arrives at 7:45, her dad is driving
>no one says a word the whole way there
>as we're getting out of the car in front of the theater I hold my hand out to her dad
>he just stairs at me
>politely inform him movies don't grow on trees
>he hands me a $20
>"I guess we aren't eating then?"
>he looks furious, his daughter looks like she's about to cry
>he gives me another $10
>roll my eyes and say "Yeah, thanks guy" sarcastically
>we get to the ticket window
>"One for Drive, please and thank you"
>I can see the tears forming in cute girl's eyes now
>"Did your dad not give you any money?"
>"Damn bro, tough break..."
>give her a fist bump
>we didn't go on a second date