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*** This is Elite Dangerous review of Odyssey DLC only ***
*** For my Elite Dangerous Beyond review see apriorate Steam store page ***

And please remember, in space no one can hear you complain...
unless you're an hive minded Thargoid swarm ;)


First of all be warned that Elite Dangerous isn't easy game and it's definitely demanding huge engagement from player at very beginning of gameplay. And I'm not talking about actual gameplay, but whole understanding of simulation and game mechanics. This is not kind of space shooter, it's simulation of living a space pilot life which idea was first presented by David Braben in 1984. Since than whole game changed a lot and due computer technology improvement made whole idea possible on a scale no one even dreamed off.

What most important, Elite Dangerous Beyond (base game) is complete and playable, which i do recommend playing! The low FPS and optimisation problems don't occur there and you may travell among stars, do some space trading, combat or explore new worlds almost without limits!


ED Odyssey Update 11 - there's a definite improvement and an expected breakthru, still performance and gameplay problems occur but their intencity is much less.
My rig (AMD Ryzen 7 2700X / NVidia RTX 2060) started to do well on all of space stations with ULTRA/HIGH details preset with just slight tweaking, I've only dropped shadow settings to medium/low and got stable 57-60 fps. Odyssey is definatelly playable now.
While streaming, I've noticed stable 55-60 fps with occasionally drops which isn't so bad experience after all, this is of course GPU dependant.
Yet still, at On-Foot Combat Zones, I can't find that smooth performance of ED:Horizon\Beyond as I used to (static 75 fps alltime), frames still drops to about 20-30 and this is the gameplay's weakest point.

But, I must admit that regular flying missions like trade, exploration, combat etc. works good and you can have a lot of fun. That's why I've decided to change my recommendation. Frontier is working to bring back performance to it's demanded state.

If you badly want to play Odyssey, you may try it! It's playable if you have decent rig but you need to test it by yourself. Still, have on mind that some parts of gameplay still needs performance optimisations.
Many users report some bugs hiting gameplay but Frontier already adressed hotfixes and propable more are on their way soon...

If you still haven't decided to buy it, please just wait until next update planned on 2022. There's a chance that it will solve gameplay optimisation problems once and for all, and I will be able to recommend Odyssey from the bottom of my hart.

As agent Fox Mulder said, "I want to believe..." ... and I started to believe...


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