⊰Fenrir XVII⊱
Laszlo Armignacco   Budapest, Hungary
Independent Hungarian/Italian translator and localizer from 2016.
"Would you kindly..."

Translated games:
- SpeedRunners ( HUN | Released )
- This War of Mine ( HUN | Released )
- Block'hood ( HUN | Released )
- Bunnyrama ( HUN |Sent to Dev)
- Dead Cells ( HUN, Early Access | Released )
- Dots eXtreme ( HUN | Released )
- Dwarflings ( HUN |Sent to Dev)
- Fractal Space ( ITA, HUN | Released/Working on updates )
- Archaica: The Path of Light ( HUN |Sent to Dev)
- GIBZ ( ITA, HUN | Released )
- Golf It! ( HUN, Early Access |Sent to Dev)
- Guitar Hardness ( ITA, HUN |Sent to Dev)
- Need for Drink ( HUN |Sent to Dev)
- Neon Drive ( ITA, HUN | Released )
- orbt XL ( ITA, HUN |Sent to Dev)
- Planet Nomads ( ITA | Released )
- Rebons ( ITA, HUN |Sent to Dev)
- Refunct ( HUN | Released )
- Rise of One ( HUN |Sent to Dev)
- RIVE: Wreck, Hack, Die, Retry! ( HUN | PS4 and PC update in November)
- Tank Assalult X ( HUN | Released )

Currently working on:

Startup Company ( ITA, HUN |100% Beta 15)
Turmoil ( HUN |40%)
Planet Nomads ( ITA, HUN |50%)
Dead Age ( HUN |10%)

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⊰Fenrir XVII⊱ Feb 14 @ 7:53am 
Sadly i don't know chinese or japanese to tell, the video and the wikipedia page said it's the letter for "Okami":) Yes i know some of the glyphs it's shared trought them, and i believe you.
silent666 Feb 14 @ 7:50am 
But I'm surely it's from chinese, Japanese also use some of chinese.
⊰Fenrir XVII⊱ Feb 14 @ 7:39am 
:D It's japanese, but you're right, it means wolf. It's from this song: https://youtu.be/lX44CAz-JhU
silent666 Feb 14 @ 7:18am 
hi,I see your profile picture on steamtrade and come to your profile.I think you are a chinese at first. It's an interesting profile picture which means wolf :steamhappy:
⊰Fenrir XVII⊱ Feb 6 @ 11:08am 
Dream life? No, but close, since i have the chance to make official translations of games on almost every platform:) But hey, don't take too drastic moves, your life is worth something... for someone else at least...maybe :)
Dom ッ Feb 6 @ 10:59am 
can you come up with any arguments? because you live in your imaginary world, what do you have to show besides your steam profile? Nothing, thats why you try to attack me using the same arguments over and over again, and you know it. You can pretend that you are living some dream life, when in reality you sit in your room all day, playing games, stacking meaningless achievements and acting mighty online. That's more pathetic than I though. I will actually leave you alone, because I think I might drive you to suicide, and I don't want that on my hands. Keep playing mate, World needs more suckers like you to feast on