Jason   Maryland, United States

TF2 Highlander
S25 Platinum - Team Spu
S24 Silver - EBOLA WORLD 1st Place
S23 Platinum - Shooting Blanks! BLACK
S16-20 Gold - DOES IT
S15 Gold - JOHN MADDEN 2nd Place
S14 Silver - 'frodown
UGC Highlander S12 Silver All-Star Spy
S12 - Silver - Team Venture
S11 Steel - TF2P
S10 Steel - Egyptian Zodiac

TF2 4v4
S5 Gold - Short Bus Rejects
S4 Silver - Short Bus Rejects
S3 Steel - Shaka Zulu Consolation Bracket 1st Place
S2 Steel - Shaka Zulu
Shaka Zulu: Andyvich 4s ONC Cup 4 1st Place

TF2 6v6
S17 Silver - Extra Chromosome E-Sports
S16 Gold - Extra Chromosome E-Sports

*-* (Score:5) defeats Sub (Score:2) in duel to 5 on endif
Sub : is that all you can do?
Sub : fucking spawn kill?
*-* killed Sub with tf_projectile_rocket.
*-* : no

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Guess what? Gender doesn't define a gamer. Gamers play games. The concept is not that difficult you bunch of territorial turbonerds.

22 year old female despite what 99.9% of the male population on TF2 think. I have a deeper voice than most females, get off me.
Don't like it, mute me.
I have the greatest friends alive, be jealous because chances are they're better than you.
No wait, they are better than you.

With that said, keep this in mind: My personality is who I am, but my attitude depends on who you are and how you treat me.

I don't like sexist pieces of shit, so if you're going to be sexist, don't be offended that I called you out on your idiocy.

I often times change my name when I'm bored.
I get bored a lot.
Sue me.
ink Aug 29 @ 4:13am 
The Highway Dont Care Aug 23 @ 10:32am 
Oh uh... hello. Maybe you can help me, Im trying to find a girl as cute as you, but theres just one issue. But I just can't. Maybe later we can go and get a coffee while you help me in my search?
nierxi! Aug 16 @ 3:06pm 
ink Aug 14 @ 5:07am 
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