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Letter to the joysegames community

I haven't been able to meet the demand. This is because:

1) I wasn't prepared to get so many people on it. This resulted in terrible game-request methods and stats validation methods.
2) I lack the budget to immediately put up systems that will cover customers' needs, although I have clear ideas of how to do it.
3) Knowing this is incredibly frustrating as I completely understand I missed up on one of my best opportunities ever. This clouded my judgement.
4) Muscle relaxation meds have made me sleep for over 12 hours a day lately. I quit them today because I'm barely ever awake.

What I intend to do about it:

- Apologize on the site and get the site up and running with all the systems it needs as soon as possible. I'm sorry for troubles I might have caused. I want to do it the right way, and I know I how.

Maybe you guys will give me a second chance when this is done right.

Thank you.
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A Very Tall Midget Oct 15 @ 4:53am 
+rep, cool guy recomended for trading
Tom.Foolery Oct 11 @ 8:05am 
It's been 2 days now and didn't get anything from joysegames, but as Taschenrechner said it would be great if you give us some notice about your status whether you're giving or not. I dont like to check the site everytime and since my comment are still waiting in moderation I might lose hope and think your site as a fraud or a scam. I think someone already create a discussion about this on steamgift. but today ill wait
Wajken Oct 10 @ 2:23pm 
Taschenrechner Oct 10 @ 11:21am 
Hi there,
i wanted to ask you about your site (joysegames). A lot people have requested some games there and you havent responded since more than a day. I dont know if its because you just didnt have time or if its because you just cant "pay" them. If its because you cant give them their games, then please at least try to be honest and tell them. I will not think bad of you, if you do. I know that you just wanted to create something nice for the community. But please dont let these people wait forever. They supported you and your idea.

Thanks for reading and with kind regards,
Taschenrechner (Lowental)
Nuwanda Oct 10 @ 8:54am 
Why don't you respond to comments on joysegamescom?
Crazyns! ❆ Sep 27 @ 6:27am 
Have a good weekend!