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a portrait of a fox by claude monet
Fire brims from the graves we dug ourselves with help from the dead
I dread not what we can see but what we feel yet forget
Who are we to believe that one man can harness these gods?
Understand that ‘tis not merely one man who sins and owes,
Debted to not only who he serves, but also those he has killed
We so imagine how this sinner, this blasphemer, may be
‘tis not you that’s seen but perhaps those sins are yours to keep
Knowing I too am clad in bright armor of ignorance
I see nothing but what I’m want and party to believe

But you
Who lives, why follow?
Why shouldn’t we be gods?
Why does some celestial being
Choose who lives and who dies on a silver throne?
Thus we, the chosen few, those who will not be moved,
Now decide who dies and who lives in fire and shot and sword
Skewered flesh of those dying who were not worthy of our holy
Or worthy of not even peace but only of their fate which now awaits

Those dead who cry out in rattling screams in such torturous hellfire
The sacrifices to a god that sleeps who allows his flock die;
Trudging through earth’s mire and running from wolves that chase in dire
Those wolves are those who stand opposite though chase they will deny;
The finger and their claim is pointed right at you, my acolyte
‘tis you they claim who the wolf who looks to tear and murder in mud
When both of these living dead blame and vilify each and other,
‘tis I who waits and slumbers peacefully, waiting and biding my time
For your death I prefer to the fate our gods have hummed
Artwork Showcase
two foxes with wreathes dancing in the twilight by claude monet

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