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Posted: May 13 @ 7:49pm
Updated: May 18 @ 5:46pm

They kept the fact the game had denuvo secret until very soon before launch=BAD.
Once they had accidentally released the game on bethesda without denuvo they removed denuvo here=VERY GOOD.

They kept the fact the game had microtransactions secret until launch. Buy RAGE coins! No thanks.

Game is actually pretty decent but does have some bugs like smoke issuing from a point in the air instead of rubble, truck deploys fold down ramp which hits me on the head and raises truck off the ground, drones fly through solid wall, a line on the subtitles that had no voice acting and that's all in the first hour.

The default controls are not that good but you can change them. I've heard the controller setup is a bit weird too by default so it's not just that it was designed for consoles.
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The sap is rising! May 14 @ 8:35am 
I found that you can unbind shift from sprint and bind shift to sprint toggle instead which solves that problem. I don't see why they couldn't do what other modern games do though which is to have you press forwards, walking then tap shift and then you are sprinting until you let go of forwards.

The issue with the keyboard controls is that they are awkward as defined. You can rebind them but doing so is a little tedious.

For example to make a quick evasive move in any direction you tap CTRL while holding the direction. I don't know about you but that's awkward for me.I'm not saying I can't do it but for something that should be second nature while fighting it's sub-optimal.
SIGILL May 14 @ 8:25am 
Is having to hold shift to sprint the biggest issue with the controls? Or what's up with them?