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Drowsie May 22 @ 9:46pm 
the AR-15 assault rifle is the most dangerous assault weapon to possibly exist. Nothing except the AR-15 can throw that much lead down range in such a short amount of time. The AR-15 has taken countless million lives across the nations. The AR-15 is responsible for several different wars around the world and ended the Roman and Japanese empire, the AR-15 is the embodiment of pure evil and has been summoned from hell just to make us humans suffer. The AR-15 has wiped out hundreds of galaxies from our known universe, and conservatives choose to allow this dangerous assault weapon to be sold. As a proud liberal mother of seven and have been through an abortion, i think that the AR-15 assault rifle is destroying my children’s futures. This is why we should abolish the first, second and fourth amendment, the bill of rights is a living document and should be dead.

aalo Apr 10 @ 9:23am 
joe mama
ghost Mar 21 @ 4:24pm 
joe mama
Drowsie Mar 19 @ 9:57am 
when i was a child, every winter solstice, my father would walk into the woods at night with nothing but a candle. i tried to follow him once, but my mother stopped me. "don't, little one," she said, "this is the night that he... turns."

"turns?" i asked.

"into a pickle."

she stared into the dark, and muttered, "funniest ♥♥♥♥ i ever saw" and turned away so i wouldn't see her crying.