Aw, naw, big Slim Dogg
Eighty pound balls (What?), dick six-inch long (Mm)
Back up in the heezy, baby
He's Shady (He's so crazy!)
Give me the mic, let me recite 'til Timothy White
Pickets outside the Interscope offices every night
What if he's right? I'm just a criminal
Makin' a livin' off of the world's misery
What in the world gives me the right to say what I like?
And walk around flippin' the bird
Livin' the urban life like a white kid from the burbs
Dreamin' at night of screamin' at Mom, schemin' to leave
Run away from home, and grow to be as evil as me
I just want you all to notice me, and people to see
That somewhere deep down there's a decent human being in me
It just can't be found, so the reason you've been seeing this me
Is 'cause this is me now, the recent dude who's being this mean
So when you see me dressin' up like a nerd on TV
Or heard the CD usin' the fag word so freely
It's just me bein' me; here, want me to tone it down?
Suck my fuckin' dick, you faggot! You happy now?
Look here, I start some trouble everywhere that I go (That I go)
Ask the bouncers in the club 'cause they know ('Cause they know)
I start some shit, they throw me out the back door (The back door)
Come back and shoot the club up with a .44 (A .44)
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