Tyler Gough   Stuttgart, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany
Freelance Commentator and Host
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Final at Supreme Masters 2020
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:SquirbCrystal: MAY 2017 - present: Freelance Casting
:SquirbCrystal: APR 2017 - APR 2018: 99Damage Junior [csgo.99damage.de]
:SquirbCrystal: JAN 2019 - JUL 2020: FIFA Commentator at VfB Stuttgart
:SquirbCrystal: JUN 2019 - present: Commentator at Sport1
:SquirbCrystal: DEC 2019 - present: Commentator at Allianz MTV Stuttgart Volleyball
:SquirbCrystal: May 2021 - present: Bundesliga Commentator at FC Bayern Munich

○ LAN Events Casted/Hosted:
:ElectricalCharge: 4D-LAN Spring 2017 :ab_germanflag:
:ElectricalCharge: IeSF 2017 Swiss Qualifier Final [wiki.teamliquid.net] :unionjack:
:ElectricalCharge: MediaLegends 2018 LoL [Interviews] :ab_germanflag:
:ElectricalCharge: ZockerOlymp.de FIFA18 :ab_germanflag:
:ElectricalCharge: Supreme Masters 2018 [liquipedia.net] [Caster/Stage Host]:unionjack:
:ElectricalCharge: STUGGILAN 2018 :ab_germanflag:
:ElectricalCharge: newNewFestival 2018 with RECARO and VfB Stuttgart:unionjack:
:ElectricalCharge: Formelaustria.at eF1 Championship 2019 Finals in Vienna :ab_germanflag:
:ElectricalCharge: VfB Stuttgart eSports Demo Cup (FIFA 20 Demo) :ab_germanflag:
:ElectricalCharge: Formelaustria.at eF1 Championship 2020 in Munich :ab_germanflag:
:ElectricalCharge: Supreme Masters 2020 [liquipedia.net] [Desk/Stage Host] :unionjack:
:ElectricalCharge: POST Esports League: Summer 2020 Finals :unionjack:
:ElectricalCharge: POST Esports Masters 2021 Finals :unionjack:

○ Studio Casts:
:ElectricalCharge: IEM Oakland 2017 - 99Damage @ Freaks4U [csgo.99damage.de] :ab_germanflag:
:ElectricalCharge: FIFA 19 - Virtual Bundesliga - VfB Stuttgart :ab_germanflag:
:ElectricalCharge: DreamHack Masters Dallas 2019 [www.sport1.de]:ab_germanflag:
:ElectricalCharge: Formelaustria.at eF1 Championship 2018/19 :ab_germanflag:
:ElectricalCharge: DreamHack Masters Malmö 2019 :ab_germanflag:
:ElectricalCharge: Formelaustria.at eF1 Championship 2019/20 :ab_germanflag:
:ElectricalCharge: FIFA 20 - Virtual Bundesliga - VfB Stuttgart :ab_germanflag:
:ElectricalCharge: Formelaustria.at eRacing Championship 2020 :ab_germanflag:
:ElectricalCharge: FIFA eClub World Cup 2020 [liquipedia.net] :ab_germanflag:
:ElectricalCharge: ESL Pro League Season 11: Europe :ab_germanflag:
:ElectricalCharge: ESL Pro League Season 11: North America :ab_germanflag:
:ElectricalCharge: ESL One Road to Rio :ab_germanflag:
:ElectricalCharge: DreamHack Masters Spring 2020 :ab_germanflag:
:ElectricalCharge: POST Esports League - FIFA Playoffs Summer 2020:unionjack:
:ElectricalCharge: OTTO G-Challenge Wildcard 2020 :ab_germanflag:
:ElectricalCharge: ESL Pro League Season 12: Europe :ab_germanflag:
:ElectricalCharge: DreamHack Open Fall 2020 :ab_germanflag:
:ElectricalCharge: DreamHack Open November 2020 :ab_germanflag:
:ElectricalCharge: DreamHack Masters Winter 2020 :ab_germanflag:
:ElectricalCharge: Luxembourg Gaming Experience 2020 :unionjack:
:ElectricalCharge: DreamHack Open January 2021 :ab_germanflag:
:ElectricalCharge: DreamHack Open March 2021 :ab_germanflag:
:ElectricalCharge: ESL Pro League Season 13 :ab_germanflag:
:ElectricalCharge: POST Esports Masters :unionjack:
:ElectricalCharge: DreamHack Masters Spring 2021 :ab_germanflag:

○ Remote LAN Events Casted:
:ElectricalCharge: NeSA 2017 :unionjack: [wiki.teamliquid.net]
:ElectricalCharge: CIS Minor - PGL Major Krakow 2017 :ab_germanflag:
:ElectricalCharge: DreamHack Open (Valencia 2017 and Atlanta 2017) :ab_germanflag:
:ElectricalCharge: Binary Dragons Prestiege LAN 2017 [liquipedia.net] :unionjack:
:ElectricalCharge: Games Clash Masters 2018 [liquipedia.net] :unionjack:
:ElectricalCharge: Arena of Valor International Championship 2018 (English Produciton) [liquipedia.net] :unionjack:
:ElectricalCharge: Lantrek 2019 [liquipedia.net] :unionjack:
:ElectricalCharge: PUBG Europe League: Stage 2 (RYE Team Stream) :unionjack:
:ElectricalCharge: PUBG Europe League: Stage 3 (GamerLegion Team Stream) :unionjack:
:ElectricalCharge: IEM Cologne 2021 [liquipedia.net] :unionjack:

○ Online Casting (reduced):
:ElectricalCharge: PUBG Mobile Club Open - Fall Split: Europe [liquipedia.net] :ab_germanflag:
:ElectricalCharge: ESL Pro League :ab_germanflag:
:ElectricalCharge: ESL Meisterschaft :unionjack: | :ab_germanflag: [liquipedia.net]
:ElectricalCharge: ESL South East Europe Championship Season 6 [liquipedia.net] :unionjack:
:ElectricalCharge: ESEA MDL :unionjack: | :ab_germanflag:
:ElectricalCharge: 99Damage Liga :ab_germanflag:
:ElectricalCharge: German Clash Playoffs :ab_germanflag: [wiki.teamliquid.net]
:ElectricalCharge: WCA Europe Main Stage [liquipedia.net] :unionjack: | :ab_germanflag:
:ElectricalCharge: IEM XII - World Championship: EU Closed Qualifier [liquipedia.net] :unionjack:
:ElectricalCharge: GG:Origin [efrag] [liquipedia.net] :unionjack:
:ElectricalCharge: Minor Championship - Katowice 2019 Qualifier SEA [liquipedia.net] CIS [liquipedia.net] :unionjack:
:ElectricalCharge: United Masters League [liquipedia.net] :unionjack:
:ElectricalCharge: Nine to Five [liquipedia.net] :unionjack:

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