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Hello there guys I'm FearSC, Some may reconize me, and some may not, anyways I'm a competitive dota player and streamer. Everyday I'm doing a giveaway For my lovley viewers!, So feel free To follow my live stream and please subscribe to me on youtube for future Videos . Allso join my Steam Group so u'll know when im streaming. The more followers and viewers i got the more games u'll get.

¬ CPU : Intel Core i7-4790K @ 4.4GHz
¬ RAM : 16.0 GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 1866MHz
¬ Motherboard : MSI Z97s SLI Krait Edition (1150)
¬ SSD : 256gb SAMSUNG 560MB Read/Write
¬ HDD : WD 1tb Storage only 7200 rpm
¬ Graphics : nVidia GTX 980 ti Gigabyte G1 6GB
¬ Mouse : Razer Mamba 4G Dual Laser 6400 dpi
¬ Keyboard : Logitech G910 Orion Spark full RGB
¬ Mousepad : Razer Goliathus XXL
¬ Headset : Razer Tiamat 2.0
¬ OS : Windows 10 Pro x64
¬ System rating : Max 7.9
¬ ISP : SBB.rs DL : 160mpbs UL : 8mbps
¬ Asus ROG PG279qr 165hz
¬ BenQ XL2411z v2 144hz


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Wooden Karambit Gift from good friend of mine <3 <3 #handmade
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31.3.2015 @ 4:20am new gamer has arrived into our lives and his name is Theodor :D I guess, we will see him at "The International 19" :D [i.imgur.com]


Hello there. Im FearSC, first of all Gamer, then Trader and Middleman for Dota 2 and CS:GO. I will provide some information about me, since lots of scammers are using MY STEAM NAME and reputation, to scam other gamers.If u want to have me as a Middleman, u need to post comment on my wall OR add me on skype. So plz, if some1 is using my name, plz first check on steamrep and then report. Thank you .
| Joined Steam : 2008-04-10
| steamname: FearSC
| steam3ID: [U:1:37651406]
| steamID32: STEAM_0:0:18825703
| steamID64: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197997917134
| customURL: http://steamcommunity.com/id/fearsc
| steamrep: http://steamrep.com/profiles/76561197997917134

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:first_star: Follow me on Twitter
:first_star: Follow me on Instagram [instagram.com]
:first_star: Wanna ask me a question ? Add me on Skype : CLICK HERE [koti.mbnet.fi]
:first_star: Or discord ?? [FACEIT] FearSC#5296

Why u should trust me ? O_o :
:Crowned: Flawless SteamRep profile since 2008.
:Crowned: Im kinda lazy to lvlup my steam, but lvl 51+ is enough for now :D.
:Crowned: SteamRep from giveaways : RedditGiveaway
:Crowned: Over 2400+ market transactions.
:Crowned: Over 5000+ In-game transactions.
:Crowned: Over 800+ Store transactions.
:Crowned: Over 1900+ Trades.
:Crowned: 1290 games on steam and still counting.
:Crowned: 15k hours on record.
:Crowned: Never EVER had a singe bad rep or any sort of reports.
:Crowned: Also, my profile will never be private or inventory.
:Crowned: VACation??? Never EVER ... Dream On...
:listen: I'm friendly with everyone and i'm online 90% of the time, either steam or app. Be polite and we will be best friends :D

CHINA SHANGHAI DAC 2015 [www.dropbox.com]

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Market Transactions
TRADE URL = http://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=37651406&token=hBaDP7kj

Renegade OPS = 2 keys ( 6e in items )
Hero Academy = 1 key ( 4e in items )
Trine Enchanted Edition = 3 keys + sweets ( 10e in items )
Mortal Kombat Komplete = 3 keys ( 9e in items )
Gun Monkeys = 1 key ( 3e in items )
Clans = 1 key
Yet another Zombie defense = 1 key
War operations = 1 key
Caster = 1 key
Waveform = 1 key
Cthulhu Saves the World = 1 key
The Hat Man: Shadow Ward = 1 key
Revolution Ace = 1 key
Terrorhedron = 1 key
BEEP = 1 key
Dino D-Day = 1 key
Particula = 1 key
Detour = 1 key
Why so Evil = 1 key
Escape Machines = 1 key
Despair = 1 key
Temper Tantrum = 1 key
The Albino Hunter = 1 key + sweets
Polarity = 1 key
Greyfox RPG = 1 key
Star Saviors = 1 key
Goat Simulator = 2 keys
Voxelized = 1 key
Journey Of The Light = 10 keys ( removed from steam )
Five Nights at Freddy's = 2 keys
Serious Sam COMPLETE PACK = 40 keys
Duke Nukem 3D and Shadow Warrior Bundle = 5 keys
Shadow Warrior = 2 keys
Sun Blast: Star Fighter = 1 key
Stay Alight = 1 key
Sinister City = 1 key
Camera Obscura = 1 key
Uncrowded = 1 key
Revolution Ace = 1 key
Frankenstein: Master of Death = 2 keys
Terra Incognita ~ Chapter One: The Descendant = 1 key
Lilly and Sasha: Curse of the Immortals = 2 keys
Tinboy = 1 key
ARMA: Cold War Assault - GOTY = 2 keys
Gun Rocket = 1 key
Intergalactic Bubbles = 1 key
Patricians and Merchants = 3 keys
Tiki Man = 1 key
12 Labours of Hercules = 1 key
Counter Strike - Global Offensive = 4 keys

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cheer Sep 24 @ 10:57am 
Hello, i have been banned for cheating permanently, support said me that i have already banned for 2 years, and linked banned account. The only problem is that account is not my, and i don't know the owner of it. It's scandalous. Also i have information about your staff canceling games for friends. I do not think visitors to reddit hardly want to know about this incident. Please, reply on my friend invite.
DoubleD Sep 23 @ 6:51am 
Can u help me I dont get a recovery mail on faceit
Dziubkers Sep 22 @ 3:40pm 
Can you sign my profile on STEAM?

:csgostar: :2016trophy: Pleaseee :2016trophy: :csgostar:
Dopi Sep 20 @ 6:39pm 
can u add me i got a problem :/
aLeX Sep 19 @ 8:32am 
its about BPL
Jy Sep 11 @ 12:29am 
Wish you have a nice day and enjoy your gaming time :fengyi: