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Atlas and P-Body are friends for life.
But if GLaDOS has anything to say about it, it'll be a quick friendship, indeed!
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If you find hours of text-reading boring, this game is not for you however if you are a text based RPG and a TRPG lover, you are going to spend your time loving this game. The Banner Saga is an epic tale with male and female heroic characters based on Viking themes and Nordic mythology where your choices affect the course of events in the story so you have to make those choices carefully. You are going to choose your combat group, add skill booster items to your characters, add travellers/clansmen/warriors/varls to your caravan, control the food supply while travelling in harsh conditions, balance the morale of the people, etc. Briefly, you are going to learn how to be a leader in difficult times. (if you practice your play in normal mode first, it's likely for you to win the combats in hard mode later)

Dialogue parts are simple, where you only see a brief animation of the active character however the simplicity doesn't lower the quality of the game, vice versa, every visual part of this 2D game are done by hand and Arnie Jorgensen achieved a great job on illustrating the beautiful characters and the setting.

The music is totally enchanting. The fully orchestrated score was written by Austin Wintory, the composer of the soundtrack of Journey. It features Malukah, Peter Hollens, Johann Sigurdarson and Taylor Davis as soloists. You can buy the soundtrack as an extra.

I always support the idea of donating money to indie game companies for their basic necessities and buying a legit copy of the game however the only part I dislike about The Banner Saga is the price of 25$ which I find too much.
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