Eternally Wandering Hermit
My name is Fatih. Humble at best, professional at nothing.
A dreamer that wanders. Let's get along just fine.
About me: https://ai.mof.x10.bz | https://ai.mof.x10.bz/lite

If you'd like to read a deeper overview of my thought process, examine this wall of text:
If you're lazy, keep reading.

Come, and let's build a new, knitted community together: https://guilded.gg/MoF
I rarely get inspired: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCY9zT9KcP1pvDRlL-OtwO7Q
I have more contact waypoints, but let's be friends first.

I'm in love with MOTHER 3, some of Nippon Ichi, Touhou, BIT.TRIP, Trauma Center, Puyo Puyo...
My interests tend to change over the years. Check out my WIP backlog: https://www.backloggd.com/u/Fatih120/

If I sent you a friend request, it's because I decided to add you from Discord.
I have purged most if not all messages from there.
Please message me if you don't recognize me (you're free to decline though).
I have also archived all my conversations, so ask if you'd like them.
No, I am not a "friend collector". I WILL remove people I don't think I'll ever talk to ever again,
or if you've added me without explaining who you are.
I have a long internet history. Yeah I'm a schizo who always appears offline, deal with it.

I'm typically a single-player guy though, with not much in the way of multiplayer.
Don't got much to play together, and people usually don't ask,
because it's either Terraria, Minecraft, or a fighting game.

That said, if I catch your eye or you need company, don't shy away; I'm not scared of strangers.
If I'm busy or something's wrong, I'll be up-front about it.
I'm not a hardass though, I too make silly jokes and I think I'm one of the most relaxed people around.
It's just that I'm a firm believer in communication.
If there is an issue, let's talk it out like good folks - if you even care to.
Speaking from history, one-sidedness is the last thing I need.
Don't rely on me *solely* because you are bored in the moment.
Don't try to put up a front with me, be real and honest.
- If I am a waste of your time, then please, do not waste any of mine. -
It's okay if we're only acquaintances. I have lots of those.
But do not rope me into anything past that if you're not ready.
Plenty of people have seen me as seasonal. That's just not the kind of person I am, though.
So please, don't get yourself wrapped up with me, knowing this full well.
Friendships are not a toy, nor a temporary pleasure.
At this point, I've been ghosted so much that everything's starting to make sense.
I probably *am* a ghost.

I appreciate such gestures, but please don't send me gifts without asking.
I mean this in a polite sense - I have a lot on my plate, would rather finish games one at a time,
and I'm sure your hard-earned cash is better spent elsewhere, yeah?

If you give me a Steam Profile Award, please let me know...
I hate not knowing who's given me them and not being able thank them!
Even for the Jester one. I prefer words than silent thanks!
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touhou puppet player :rbrb1:
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unlock it bud
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Never add this steam user. Worst mistake of my life
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Arle is fond of blue puyo.