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I am a big fan of Commandos2
Really disappoint

No Steam Cloud?
Can you even notice you saved your game?
Can you even put the cursor on the enemy?

Edit After Finish all missions:

Too many bugs as other players said:
We, Commandos Fans, are heart breaking.

At first, I think maybe there would be a 360 view like Shadow Tactics, well, it is still an 8 angle of view.
The background images are not remastered and looks inconsistent with remastered Command models.

You will always see a STANDING BODY.
The sniper scope is too small.
Your commando may fly on the map when they are running.
Vehicles are not remastered, the rear wheels are STATIC.
In the mission of Pairs, your TANK will stuck if you run into curbs and lost control.
Your commando will become invisible on eiffel tower! if you did not play Commando 2 ever, you will never know how to get to the top of the tower.
You cannot control multi commando to some actions like hide or open doors.
In original version, you can switch commando by single pressing number key without switching the view, so that you can call commando to walk to the place where your screen is, I cannot understand why this is removed on remaster version.

I can remember those uncomfortable experiences during this weekend. But those are not the only unacceptable mistakes.

Again, extremely DISAPPOINTED
Posted January 24, 2020. Last edited January 26, 2020.
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I am searching Commandos remaster for years.

Great jobs mimimi.
Posted December 31, 2016.
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