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"You run the risk of weeping a little, if you let yourself get tamed."

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"It is only with heart that one can see rightly; what is essential, is invisible to the eye." The Fox: The Little Prince

"I'm not your nightmare. It's me, Celestine."
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『 Okuyasu 』 Apr 3 @ 5:23am 
-rep This comment below me is wrong. Why would you ever want to be in a fandom that I am in? Disgusteng
Sey!~ Apr 3 @ 2:11am 
+rep likes Ken Ashcorp and whatever the rest of thecomment below me says, reverse it.
『 Okuyasu 』 Apr 2 @ 8:00am 
-rep likes Ken Ashcorp, so now this one associates with my music taste which is really really wrong.
Skye~♥ Mar 22 @ 7:25am 
-rep too many feathers
Sey!~ Feb 23 @ 7:29pm 
Step 1: Get Good

Step 2: Go Plat

Step 3: Put on a Hat
Skye~♥ Feb 13 @ 8:22pm 
-rep dum and gay