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Competitive FPS player.

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Who am I?
Former professional FPS player:

- PUBG, GamersOrigin, 2018
- Quake IV/Quake III, Team-PackardBell, 2007-2008
- CS1.6, Gserv, 2001/2002

Proudest results:
2007 ESWC Paris Top 5-8 - Quake 4
2007 ESWC France qualifier : 1st, Champion - Quake 4

2006 ESWC Finals Bercy Top 32 - Quake 4
2006 ESWC France qualifier. 2nd, Vice-Champion - Quake 4

-10 LAN wins on Quake3/Quake4
-19 podiums

10 years of Counter-strike 1.5/1.6 in LAN (French subtop)
-5 LAN wins
-13 podiums


-----------PUBG [2018]-----------
DreamHack Tour 2018 (Gamewave : woodi fiskje Nass) Top5
Gamers-Assembly 2018 (GamersOrigin : rubeNNNNN Unconspicuous Alex) Top8

-----------CS:GO [2016/2017]-----------
Gamers-Assembly 2016 (NVG: Grey bobOw haxzor haskor013-014) Top24 (1/16 Elite tournament)
Virtual-Lan 2016 (mix L-D-D: Bluffeur Smok3r Grizz ScratchJ) Top 4 amateur
Regen-Up 2016 (mix potes: Grey SIGMA AsterZ GussVmelon) Top 3
Insalan 2017 (mix L-D-D: BluffeuR joris AlexELELE ZeN) 1st Amateur

-----------CS 1.6 [1999/2011]-----------
Gladiator tour 2 (-ddf-: r@zer vincenzo darius Firenze) top10
Gladiator tour 3 (bTk.mSo: assassin r@zer vincenzo kio) top12
Lanstorm 3 (bTk.mSo: r@zer xzor couscous assassin) 2nd
Dalton-lan 2 (mix phallus: surt xzor chris cleps) 3rd
Lanforce2 (gsteam: xzor r@zer vincenzo kio) top8
T-LAN 2004 (gsteam: xzor r@zer vincenzo hyde) top6
Gladiator tour 4 (gsteam: xzor sperum suptim kio) top10
LCX (mix -glf-: xzor kastu Tames Horus) 1st
Gamers Assembly 2004 (listn: sperum suptim k3n pascool) 3rd (Best CS result)
ArmorArena5 (listen: sperum suptim k3n pascool) 1st
WCG 2004 qualifier neurogames (listen: speum suptim k3n pascool) 1st
WCG.france 2004 (listen: sperum suptim k3n pascool) top16
Eurolan Open (mix -tfj-: k3n pascool suptim b0b) 2nd
24h du lan (mix -glf-: Tames surt Horus XX) 1st
saturday lan fever (Happyface: Tames gladia chapouX surt) 3rd
roxarena 2005(Happyface: xzor Tames surt drakk) 2nd
Centrale Zone 3 (Happyface: Tames Gladia chapouX surt) 5th
Operation lan (Happyface: Tames Gladia chapouX surt) 5th
Roxarena 2006 (Happyface: Tames Gladia ChapouX SuRt) 1st
Roxarena 2007 (Happyface: Tames Gladia ChapouX SuRt) 2nd
Telethon lan 2009 (mix Happyface: xzor surt Tames drakk) 1st
Gamers Assembly (GA) 2011 (ECG: hydd, r@z, koli, haskor) POULED!!!

-----------Quake III & IV [1999/2010]-----------

Lanstorm 3 (Quake3duel) 1st
LCX (Quake3duel) 1st
ArmorArena 5 (Quake3duel) 1st
24hduLan (Quake3duel) 2nd
SaturdayLanFever (Quake3duel) 1st
Operation Lan (Quake4duel) 1st
Quaketour Qualifier Atl. (Quake4duel) 1st
Roxarena 2006 (Quake4duel) 1st
Quaketour Finals PARIS (Quake4duel) 3rd https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2g1pwSCk5O8
Gamers assembly 2006 (Quake4duel) 5th & TDM (sR) 2nd
Eurocup XIII(ONLINE) (Quake4duel) as the France dueler : 5th.
ESWC 06 French Qualifer (Quake4duel) 2nd - French Vice-Champion
ESWC 06 Finals Bercy (Quake4duel) top32
Silverarena 5 - 2006 (Quake4duel) 1st https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=roC4mPfF2N8
Gamers Assembly 2007 (Quake4duel) 3rd
ESWC 07 French Qualifier (Quake4duel) 1st - French Champion
ESWC 07 Finals Paris (Quake4duel) top5-8 (Best Quake result) https://www.vossey.com/news/Les-representants-francais-a-l-ESWC--i12491.htm
Roxarena 2007 (Quake4duel) 1st
Sylverarena 2007 (Quake4duel) 1st
Re-So 2k8 (Quake3duel) 3rd
GA 2k8 (Quake3duel) 3rd
ESWC Masters Paris (Quake3duel) Groupstage :(
Sylverarena 2008 (Quake4duel) 1st
Game in Chelles 09 (Quake3duel) 3rd

Recent Activity

502 hrs on record
last played on Jul 7
2,490 hrs on record
last played on Jul 5
6.3 hrs on record
last played on Jun 5
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