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BONES - Alizé Lyrics
Rappers ain't shit in the 90's, I don't trust 'em
And bitches on my dick, but they ain't shit so motherfuck 'em
I'm in my six four
Got it jumping like it's nothin'
Somebody tried to jump me, tried to play me for a sucka
A pistol to my head, got a pistol in the glove
I ripped that bitch out, and let that mothafucka bust
Got a kevlar vest, right under the shirt
Creeping with that heater
Don't you get that ass MURKED
Bringing the wikkity sounds, it's that West Coast thugster
Lyrically serving crack to these South Side hustlers
The North Side murderers
The East Side slangers
The West Coast bangers
And these mothafuckin' RVIDXRS
Bringing it all the way back
It's the return of the Mack
Mac-10 clips ready to bang on attack
Alizé sipping, rolling blunts in the 'Lac
Sitting sideways, bustas don't know how to act
But bitch you already know, that I got that G-Funk
Try and press your luck and meet that purp up in the trunk
Never hesitate to lay a busta on his back
So if you talking trash meet that fucking compact
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Nova! 22 hours ago 
Vac Ban.
________ o
___________ o
__________ o
________ o
______ o
Nova! Aug 19 @ 2:17pm 
-rep Cheating.
videoGames2009 Aug 17 @ 12:17pm 
Did you just hackuse me despite you having a VAC ban and me only “cheating” in single players games SOMETIMES? That’s sad
Fuck Israel Aug 17 @ 10:12am 
Laudatvr Sancte Mater Ecclesiæ, et lesv Christvm filivm Dei in perpetvvm, amen.
breadfarmer Aug 16 @ 3:26pm 
your meat