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student Oct 13 @ 2:35am 
hahahaha whats GOod. STUDENT here. yeah... THAT student. its no big deal.
T4LKS1CK Oct 9 @ 12:19pm 
god damn anime profile pictures....
student Sep 27 @ 2:29am 
bruh who the ♥♥♥♥ is morza? Is that marco5? LMAO
(503) marco5 Sep 19 @ 10:01am 
This dude is on my team, he just doesn't know it yet
T4LKS1CK Sep 18 @ 5:44pm 
dude just give him the role!
neato Sep 18 @ 5:00pm 
give me pootis role or i doxx ur face, youve been warned