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the unpredictable hunter. the powerfull psychopath.
imperfect. natural.

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jazz ; ilker ; abdulhey ; kore ; anja
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i redesigned the original Extinct Collection.
Hope you like it. Deep in your Soul, there is something living inside you, which is dark, dangerous and unknown, something that belongs to you, is you, but keeps hiding there. When it comes out, th
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Antti 12 août à 6h50 
+rep friendly and nice :)
GatsB 11 août à 23h23 
+rep friendly player, ensures a good team spirit.
ASLN 11 août à 1h34 
Bayramın mübarek olsun Esra :)
TheFlashFlann 10 août à 7h02 
+rep great gamer

1bo 9 août à 15h21 
+rep good and friendly player (:
ABDULHEY 06 cCc ☾☆ 1903 8 août à 14h58 
benim abiiiiimmmmmmm