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Aug 13 @ 2:24am
In topic Hollow Fragment Delay
Originally posted by DepthWave:
So they said that RE: Hollow Fragment would be available for pre-orders of Fatal Bullet only, and now they will sell it to anyone?
Next time they announce a game, I'll wait for a pirate release.
There was no public announcement that the game would be exclusive to pre-orders, the public announcements only said that the game would be free for Fatal Bullet pre-orders.

You guys that pre-ordered Fatal Bullet not only got Re:Hollow Fragment for free, you even got exclusive access to it for over 4 months.
Plus, it's not like Bamco is giving Re:Hollow Fragment for free for us that didn't pre-order Fatal Bullet, we're obviously gonna have to purchase it, how does that even affect you?
Shouldn't it be a good thing to let more people experience the game? Or does having exclusive access to it makes you feel special? ._.
Aug 12 @ 11:13am
In topic really? no store page?
About time.
Had a feeling this was gonna happen soon due to the activity lately in the steam database entry for this game.
Originally posted by Yes:
Originally posted by Ezodagrom:
The first post mentions DRM pretty much just as bait for pirates that often spread misinformation about his mods.
There's only a verification check to see if the steam api dll is valid, since an altered steam api dll can cause issues, and Kaldaien doesn't want to have to deal with troubleshooting such issues that are unrelated to the game or his mod.
I do not care what its for, I wont download it until the drm is removed or a crack is made.
It's not drm.

You can even see the code for it here:
Originally posted by Kaldaien:
My policy has always been disable SteamAPI enhancements and leave me alone. It's spelled out very clearly in the error message that pirates get before their game crashes due to not paying attention.

I imagine you don't need any coding skill to read this[].

if (pirate && ImGui::IsItemHovered ()) { ImGui::BeginTooltip (); ImGui::TextColored (ImColor (255,255,255), "Corrupted Steamworks Platform Files Encountered"); ImGui::Separator ( ); ImGui::BulletText ("Unable to validate important mod files because steam_api(64).dll is invalid."); ImGui::TreePush (""); ImGui::BulletText ("If you think this is in error, re-validate your game through Steam and try again."); ImGui::TreePop ( ); ImGui::BulletText ("I do not support altered steam_api(64).dll files for stability reasons"); ImGui::TreePush (""); ImGui::BulletText ("You must disable SteamAPI (set [Steam.Log] Silent=true) and please do not waste my time asking for support."); ImGui::BulletText ("Pirates must seek support elsewhere."); ImGui::TreePop ( );

That's my super amazing DRM; oh noes.

You guys live in a fantasy world far more interesting than the real thing, I'll give you that much :)
Originally posted by Yes:
Ill wait it be cracked within 5 minutes like with his Nier patch. There is no way I'm willing to trust in dling this mod.
The first post mentions DRM pretty much just as bait for pirates that often spread misinformation about his mods (it should have been pretty obvious that that line wasn't serious).
There's only a verification check to see if the steam api dll is valid, since an altered steam api dll can cause issues, and Kaldaien doesn't want to have to deal with troubleshooting such issues that are unrelated to the game or his mod.
Jul 28 @ 8:14am
In topic really? no store page?
Originally posted by Kaitou:
Late♥♥♥♥♥reply/necro post.

But Sword Art Online Re: Hollow Fragment is the PS4 version unless BN did some scummy♥♥♥♥♥♥and ported the Vita version and named it Sword Art Online Re: Hollow Fragment....with the Re: which implies is the PS4 version.

I dont have this though...I wish I did. But at least I have it on PS4.
It's a port of the PS4 version (and the PS4 version is an enhanced port of the Vita version).
Jul 24 @ 4:11pm
In topic no store page.
Originally posted by Cute Little Girl💕:
bamco actually came out and personally said they had no plans to release the game publicly. they are pretty adamant about wanting to keep it as a preorder exclusive.
Publicly? Where?
Jul 24 @ 1:23pm
In topic no store page.
Originally posted by Lazaren:
i heard on other stores like psn this is a free game but didnt verified myself about it.
maybe thats the reason they dont want to put afford into it like making a store page and support for a f2p game. somehow i felt this might happen. good i bought this game by a keysite and ordered preorder key for around 25-30 bucks. def was worth it.
It's not and it never was f2p, it's a $20/20€ game at the moment.
Jul 24 @ 11:10am
In topic GTX 960M having FPS issues
Originally posted by Titanomachia:
Even after following guides about fixing the FPS..I'm still having issues with the FPS for some reason..Some said to set Vsync as fast but I do not have that option for it..
Unfortunately laptop GPUs names are misleading, despite the 960 in its name, it's actually a GTX 750 Ti.
Jul 21 @ 1:58am
In topic really? no store page?
Originally posted by Monterossa:
Why didn't you buy Fatal Bullet?
Because it's expensive?
Personally at the time of Fatal Bullet's release I could only afford one high priced game, and I picked Dragon Ball FighterZ.

Also, I was expecting this would have been a Tales of Symphonia situation, that Hollow Fragment was going to be released separately at a relatively low price (like 20€ or so), I wanted to try out this series of games starting with the cheaper Hollow Fragment before I considered getting the following games.

Ah well, after months of inactivity, lately there have been new builds of the game on Steam's database, in other words, looks like they're working on a patch for Hollow Fragment, so there's still hope they could release it separately with the patch...
Jul 20 @ 2:43am
In topic Hollow Fragment Delay
Originally posted by Basilicious:

Didnt realize they were still patching it - thats hopeful news right there.

I hope it does release soon!
For a few months there were no signs of patches, there was no activity at all since the game released for users that pre-ordered Fatal Bullet.

Earlier this month though, in July 6th, the qa-debug and qa-release branches started being updated, with the last update to both having been 8 days ago.

With them making a new patch after months of inactivity, let's hope they'll release it separately this time...
Jul 19 @ 4:34pm
In topic Hollow Fragment Delay
Originally posted by Basilicious:
Can you buy the game separately or do I have to buy the digital deluxe edition of this game to get it?
At the moment it's not possible to buy the game at all on PC, but after months of inactivity, lately the game has been getting activity on Steam's database, that is, a patch for Re:Hollow Fragment is being tested, so I'm still hoping the game will be released separately once this patch is released.
Originally posted by Sierra117:
I have a gaming lattop with GTX 960M I5 6300HQ 2.4GHZ Up to 3.2. 8GO Ram ddr5 your things thats its possible to run this game ?
We can't really know until the game releases, the only thing I can say is that a GTX 960M is similar to a GTX 750 Ti, which is weaker than the GTX 760 in the requirements for 1080p30 at low settings.

This is not to say that it can't run at 1080p30 at low settings, the requirements could be higher than what's really required, but it's also possible that your laptop won't be enough and that you may have to play at a lower resolution or even not be able to play at a stable framerate.

In the end though all you can do is either wait for other users reports when the game releases, or buy the game through Steam and refund it if it doesn't run well (though this means you can't buy the game through other stores, since you wouldn't be able to refund).
Originally posted by corVus:
no no, I mean, literal game, the game engine, im talking about the coding being more efective in a 1080Ti card, (wich isn't) said card only serve to two things, it is a 35% fastest than the other one, (wich sever for nothing in games, there is literaly no difference right now) and the seconds its that only worth if you want to play 4k res, in a specific and very high-end monitors.

thats all. it will not make your game better, than1080 card besides that.
Huh, I have no idea what you're even trying to say, but the 1080 Ti is considerably more powerful than a 1080, which obviously means that it can either run the games at higher framerates or at more demanding settings than a 1080.

Even at 1080p the 1080 Ti can be enough to make a difference for users that use high refresh monitors, such as 120Hz or 144Hz monitors, and even then, for some games it just isn't enough for such a high framerate (120/144fps), more powerful graphics cards are still needed.

Plus games are gonna keep progressing, they're gonna get more demanding in the future, even the 1080 Ti will end up not being enough for 1080p in future games.
Originally posted by corVus:
this is the most idiotic thing i ever read about graphics card.

1070 mid?.

Im playing Total War warhammer 2 in ultra with a reshade, with my old 970. I played the witcher with all max + nvidia hair, + reshade, + another monitor with google chrome open listening youtbe postcast, and all that with an average of 58 fps.

and 1080 ti top?. this card shouldn't been taking into a acount for any about gaming, is pure marketing. no game can even take advantage of 1080 Ti card at all, lirerally, there are no game that can run more than 8 graphic gb. have one of this for gaming, is just idiotic as ♥♥♥♥, or just been a preppy kid with its parents money.

1060 low my♥♥♥♥♥

What damage has done the marketing !, that you guys thinks that you have to spend 850€ to play a game in ultra, in 1080p.
While he's wrong about 1060 being a low tier card, you're also wrong about no games being able to take advantage of the 1080 Ti.
If anything, even the 1080 Ti is not enough for 60fps on high demanding games at 4K.

Of course 1080p is a different story, but, while 1080 Ti is meant for higher resolutions, it also has its uses for 1080p, for high refresh monitors (and it's not enough for high demanding games in this case as well).
Originally posted by Trombe:
1060 is a low grade card.
1070 is mid grade.
1080 is high grade.
1080 ti is top grade.
And a bunch of inbetweens TIs.

Complaining about 30 fps on cheap card is ridiculous.
If 1060 is low grade, what is the 1050?

Ever since the GTX 4XX series, X60 cards have always been mid-tier cards, with high tiers starting on the X70.

Requirements are usually exaggerated, even if the GTX 1060 ends up not being able to play at 1080p60 maxed, I wouldn't be surprised if the framerate ends up being closer to 60 than 30.
Originally posted by Sygma:
biggest difference being, resetera is high time ideological and it is the most nefarious thing for a board ... especially when the moderation to begin never takes context in account. stay away from there and you ll be better off, period
I've been there from the beginning, though I only really just follow the Steam/PC topic, which feels like a rather different community from the gaming section of that forum.
Originally posted by Sygma:
resetera is probably the most ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥, ideological, shilled community on the net. these guys cant even ♥♥♥♥ing read what is on screenshots most of the time and you wanna link something from there for understanding / proving a point ?

thats bold. then again neogaf had a mostly bad rep prior the incident so its not a surprise

its not the biggest board on the net. its probably the biggest US one but participating there is equivalent to getting brain cancer. These dudes even went after one guy of Digital Foundry for "doing content they didnt like" , like seriously lmao
Several users there are awful, but that aplies to everywhere on the internet. There's plenty of awful users on the steam community hubs as well.

The poor behaviour of some users there doesn't matter though, since the post linked is from a Capcom employee.
Originally posted by ☥ - CJ -:
cant say theres much confidence in a site ive never heard of

in addition to them using VERAFIED instead of VERIFIED
doesnt really instill much confidence for a website that doesnt know how to spell VERIFIED
The website is called reset"era", they use v"era"fied based on the site's name, it's not a typo.

Other than that, requirements for games are usually not accurate, even if you don't have confidence in that website, it's not hard to believe that the requirements are higher than what's actually required.
Originally posted by Indal:
A 1060 is the exact same price if not more than a PS4 pro in mine, and multitudes more powerful.
Stop kissing the asses of incompetent developers who only just know how to output spaghetti code and "make it work". Nobody knows how to optimize anymore, hence these ridiculous requirements. Truthfully, you probably won't even need a 1060 for it. I've had my 970 for like 4 years and I can still play everything on Ultra quality. My only bottleneck is my ♥♥♥♥♥♥ HDD.

Scratch that, just checked and the prices dropped like crazy. We were having a problem with crypto♥♥♥♥ buying them out, which inflated their price.
GTX 1060 multitudes more powerful than the PS4 Pro?
The PS4 Pro's GPU is probably somewhere between AMD's RX 470 and RX 480, and the GTX 1060 3GB level of performance is between those 2 as well.

Also, a Capcom representative mentioned this in another forum about the requirements:
From a purely performance perspective, our min spec / rec. spec is generally set on the conservative side to ensure there's enough headroom.
Jul 13 @ 7:35am
In topic I just stared at system requirements.
A Capcom representative mentioned this in another forum about the requirements:
From a purely performance perspective, our min spec / rec. spec is generally set on the conservative side to ensure there's enough headroom.
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