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James   Victoria, Australia
NOTE: I will ignore random invites, unless you're someone I know from elsewhere.

I'm a Melbourne artist who's decent enough at games; not fantastic, but I'm open to improve my skills.
I've been working as a concept artist in the TF2 Emporium, with a good portion of my stuff up on the official Steam Workshop. I also designed a dog!
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ms. crawlin Sep 18 @ 3:16am 
art is awesome, items made are awesome, safe to assume you are awesome.
rook Jul 15 @ 8:51am 
Heya, added through big bob in regards to workshop questions!
✪ Justice May 25 @ 2:20am 
Added for a tf2 modeling talk
Lichtenstein Apr 18 @ 3:03pm 
Hi, adding you for a possible commission
thomas Jan 29 @ 9:56pm 
i'm listenin, but this better be about pancakes :os_pancakes: