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James   Australia
I'm a Melbourne artist who's decent enough at games; not fantastic, but I'm open to improve my skills.
I've been working as a concept artist in the TF2 Emporium, with a good portion of my stuff up on the official Steam Workshop. I also designed a dog!

NOTE: If you wanna add me, drop me a comment on my profile explaining why and whatnot. I won't accept random friend requests just out of the blue, and I'm hesitent about adding folks just for trading purposes.
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Feksil Aug 16 @ 2:49am 
seriously epic concept artist!
Ravenholmzombies Jul 22 @ 2:11am 
Was directed to you in regards to texturing design and work by Bonk Nickeltoon, wanted to discuss a project with you if you have any interest in extending your skills into such a thing.
epic man Jul 3 @ 12:48pm 
Adding for Journey to the East.
Dad May 26 @ 1:26pm 
Hello, you have a seller classified on backpack.tf but it tells me your trade URL is invalid, I would like to buy your item...
Techno May 22 @ 6:12am 
Fantastic workshop items!!!
Vipes May 14 @ 5:07am 
Adding only to give proper contribs on the SFM and Gmod upload of a set.